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How to get money at slots: tips and tricks

Slot machines first flooded the bars and land-based casinos and then leapt online. Today, their variations are practically endless. As a result, they have become the most successful game. Chances are you've probably played one at some point, but how do you win? Here are the tricks to follow.


How to win

There is no infallible formula for winning at casino slots. Still, several tricks will make it a little easier for you. They are as follows.


Look for the highest RTP: before playing a slot game, you should check the player's payout rate (RTP). Most online slots have a similar RTP, but with the highest RTP, then you have more chances.


Start playing with the minimum bet: it is best to start playing with the minimum bet to get a feel for the game's dynamics. Even if you can play in demo mode to test the machine, the first spins should be with the minimum bet.


Look for medium-high volatility: it is true that with low volatility, you win prizes more frequently, but they will be of a lower amount. On the other hand, with medium and high volatility, you will win less often, but the prizes will be much higher when you do.


Reduce the paylines: nowadays, most slots have multiple paylines, which increases the probability of getting a line-up and its corresponding prize. However, these paylines do not come for free. Your bet per spin is made up of what you wager on each of those paylines. If the game allows you to choose the number of paylines, sticking to just one increases the volatility of your bet and the potential outcomes.


Take advantage of the maximum bet: the key is to gradually increase the bet until you reach the maximum bet to win more.


Set yourself a budget: before playing, set yourself a budget and don't go over it. 


How online slots work

About online slots, beyond the aesthetics and mechanics, there is an inner mechanism that is what makes the game work. Online slots use an algorithm based on two numerical concepts: the RNG and the RTP, allowing the winners to be randomly chosen.


  1. RNG (Random Number Generator) uses random number sequences that determine the machine's payout frequency and return percentage.
  2. RTP refers to the statistical return that the casino obtains on each game. This figure expressed as a percentage can be consulted before choosing the most appropriate title—the higher the RTP, the better the chances of a prize.


These factors ensure that the gaming releases are 100% random, unalterable and unpredictable.


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