The skin is the largest organ on the body and when it changes shape rapidly as a result of growth, stretch marks appear. Also referred to as striae, stretch marks appear during puberty and pregnancy. They also occur in cases of rapid weight loss or weight gain and due to rapid muscle growth. What you need to know is that stretch marks affect both men and women.


They usually appear as a thin red line or reddish-brown but take a different texture compared to the skin layer around it. Most stretch marks fade naturally and have a lighter texture and shiny appearance. Despite this, they are permanent but with treatment, micro-needling cons pros treatment does you can make them less noticeable.


Want to get rid of stretch marks? Here are steps to take.

1. Hydrate regularly

The human body is composed of 75% water. When you maintain these levels, your skin remains supple and healthy. If you fail to hydrate regularly, your skin becomes dry and even cracks. This can result in fine lines and wrinkles too.


To get rid of stretch marks and even reduce itching, hydrate regularly. As said earlier, drinking water – 8 to 10 glasses a day – keeps your skin supple and healthy. Also, your skin becomes soft and appears more toned. This helps to eliminate the bumpiness that is common with stretch marks.


Apart from getting rid of stretch marks, hydrating regularly prevents the appearance of new stretch marks. So, to keep stretch marks away, hydrate regularly.

2.Hyaluronic acid and tretinoin

Collagen is a protein found in the skin. It helps to keep the skin in shape and makes it appear healthy. When we age, collagen decreases. This begins on our faces and spreads to the rest of the body. When it happens, it is common for fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks to appear. If any stretch marks are present, they will become more pronounced.


In a 2014 study, researchers sought to find out the influence of hyaluronic acid and caffeine on collagen biosynthesis. Researchers concentrated on the human skin fibroblasts. From the study, the researchers concluded that collagen synthesis is reduced by caffeine. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, stimulates collagen production. In turn, collagen stretches the skin and helps in eliminating stretch marks.


When you apply tretinoin, it also helps to make stretch marks less noticeable. Tretinoin is a retinoid and so is Retinol.

3.Apply stretch mark gels, creams, and lotions

If you were to visit any pharmacy in your town, you will discover that they stock stretch mark gels, creams, and lotions from different companies. Some of these products may work while others will not. Those that work contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and ATP among other useful nutrients. These ingredients have been found to have the same healing properties as tretinoin. Basically, they help to stimulate the development of new skin collagen. Also, they help with the maintenance of the skin.

To ensure the products above work, it is recommended that one should use them on early stretch marks. Why? They have little effect on “old” stretch marks. For the products to work, users must massage the gels, lotions, and creams in and around the affected area. This helps to make the treatment more effective.


Shopping for the best stretch mark gels, creams and lotions can be a daunting task. To make your shopping experience pleasant, we recommend relying on profesional reviews from

4.Dermatological procedures

Dermatologists can use different methods to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin. Some of the methods that dermatologists use include ultrasound, laser therapy, chemical peel, and microdermabrasion.


To get rid of stretch marks, visit a licensed and experienced dermatologist in your area. He or she is in a better position to select a suitable method for getting rid of the stretch marks. At the dermatologist's office, he or she will perform a check. This provides a clear picture of the situation.


It is important to know that side effects are possible despite the selected method. You may experience swelling and redness but these may go away after a few hours or days.

5. Microneedling, and cosmetic surgery

Microneedling is a procedure that targets the dermis. As you already know, the dermis is where stretch marks form. When you choose this procedure, experts will use tiny needles to poke into your skin. This triggers the production of collagen. Thanks to the production of elastin and collagen, your skin begins to regenerate faster. This improves your skin’s appearance and helps to reduce stretch marks.


For effective removal of stretch marks, one must undertake a couple of treatments. The treatments can last for several months, but after the procedure, you will have less or no stretch marks.


Another procedure you can choose is cosmetic surgery. This is an expensive procedure but its effective and helps to remove stretch marks permanently. Problem is, cosmetic surgery can leave scars of its own.


For instance, if you want stretch marks to be removed around the stomach area, a tummy tuck is a procedure recommended by most experts. Not only will experts remove excess skin, but stretch marks and fat. This gives you a flatter look. It is important to remember that cosmetic surgery presents a number of health risks. Consult your doctor and learn more about the risks.


While the treatment options above can help to fade or remove the stretch marks, the best option for you is prevention. How do you go about this? First, you need to hydrate regularly. Water helps to keep your skin soft, supple and hydrates. Another option is working out. Leading an active style where you incorporate different workouts will prevent stretch marks. For instance, if you engage in yoga, aerobics, weight lifting, running or cycling, the chances of stretch marks appearing on your skin are minimal.

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