So you are eyeing a brand new tablet. It offers all the features you have always wanted and it will probably help you get a lot of things done that your current tablet is incapable of doing.


Or maybe you simply have a couple of old tablets lying around that you just don’t use any more. 


Whatever the case may be, selling your old tablet is a great way to cash in on a gadget that you don’t use anymore.


With that said, selling a tablet isn’t as easy as selling your old smartphone. While both devices offer very similar utility, tablets serve a particular niche. Hence, selling a tablet may require some extra effort.


With that said, if you are willing to put in the effort, you can sell your tablets for a handsome payout.


Let’s see how you can get the maximum value for your used tablet.


Selling NOW Is The Ideal Decision


When it comes to selling any used electronic device, the best time to sell is now. The longer you wait, the more its value diminishes.


From the regular launch of new technology to the quickly dwindling prices of used gadgets, all factors dictate that you must sell your tablets as soon as possible in order to get the maximum value for them.


Pick The Right Platform To Sell


The platform you select for selling your tablet will have significant influence on your payout. Moreover, different platforms will have different guidelines for selling on them. This means, selling on different platforms will require different investment of time and effort from your side.


For instance, selling on a buyback platform will require the least amount of effort. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions that describe the condition of your device to obtain a quote. 


On the other hand, if you choose to sell on an online marketplace, you will not just need to create your own listing, but will also be expected to interact and negotiate with potential buyers to obtain a quote.


Another easy way to sell your old electronics is to sell them to trade-in programs. These initiatives, usually led by big brands like Amazon, Apple, and Best Buy, work in a manner that is very similar to buyback platforms. However, the problem with trade in programs is that they have a reputation for giving out less-than-impressive payouts. 


Another thing that you must know about trade in programs is that most such programs release payouts exclusively in the form of gift cards. For instance, if you “trade in” your tablet on Amazon, you will be paid in the form of an Amazon gift card.


Prepare Your Tablet For Sale


This step is critical to ensure buyers find your product valuable, and to ensure the new owner does not get access to your personal data on the tablet. Follow these steps to prepare your table for sale:



  • Delete All The Data: Backup your photos, videos, documents, and texts to the cloud and initiate a factory reset on your tablet. This step should delete all the personal data from your tablet.
  • Find The Original Box And Accessories: When you include these in a listing (or mention it to a buyback platform), you will automatically start receiving better quotes.
  • Be Honest About The Condition Of Your Device: This is of paramount importance. Overselling your product will not just disappoint the buyer, but will also cause you a lot of disappointment if the buyer initiates a dispute on the payment made to you. Hence, to avoid unpleasant surprises for all involved parties, it is important to be upfront and honest about the condition of your device.





We hope that these tips will be helpful in selling your tablet for a superb payout.


Got more questions? Drop them in the comment section below!


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