How to Grow a Moving Company

Growing a business is not a simple feat—especially for a moving company. With the moving industry as dynamic and competitive as it is, making a successful jump and staying ahead of the pack requires much more than just doing a great job. 

It requires a kickass marketing strategy coupled with high determination and resilience.  So here are some tips to help you grow your moving company business in a rapidly changing business atmosphere. 

Create an Exceptional Online Presence

Long gone are the days when customers would window shop for products and services or call a relative to get a referral. We are now in the wake of digitization, where all a customer needs is a mobile device to find what they need to purchase. 

According to a recent study, about 55% of customers make a purchase after searching online for recommendations or reviews. 47% of those go directly to the business website. Based on this data, imagine how much business you are losing if you do not already have your business online. 

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However, for your moving company to successfully go digital, you need to have a well-laid out digital marketing strategy and a reliable online presence. It will help you generate more leads and increase sales even on a tight marketing budget. Here are some proven tips by https://a-plus-moving.com/nc/ that will increase your digital marketing chances: 

  • Develop a high-quality company website. It is not enough to just hire a web developer to through around a few web pages for your company website. A well-curated, highly functional, and responsive website is what will retain a client. 
  • Identify and connect with your audience. Your customers need to feel like they are talking to an actual human and not a bot. In addition, ensure that your site is optimized to reach your target audience. 
  • Offer solutions to potential customers. One great way to do this is to have a high-functioning blog where customers can go for answers to their questions. This makes you a go-to source of industry solutions. 
  • Excellent customer service = positive reviews. Nothing can match customer satisfaction (positive reviews) in the current world. Offer great service to your customers and then leverage their satisfaction for good reviews online. 

Increase Conversion Rate

After creating a concrete online presence, the next step is turning the generated leads into customers. The best way to do this is to use an integrated method of collecting potential customers’ data such as their name, email addresses, and phone number and then arrange a follow-up. 

This can be done through automated follow-up emails and calls or text messaging. Follow-up communication encourages the customer to buy your service. However, remember there is no guarantee. Lead conversion in the moving industry is not easy as not everyone who hits your site is ready to move.


A moving company is a great business to run. But it is not easy to manage, let alone make it grow as quickly as you would wish. 

However, although your business might not be showing great results overnight, it doesn’t mean it is not growing. But taking into account the tips mentioned above can help speed up the growth process and get you great success in the shortest time possible.

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