Weddings should be the most memorable day to the newlyweds and the guests in attendance. From the dressing to the venue to the food, everything should turn out beautiful so as to make it memorable. But how to do a classy and unique wedding without spending a lot may be a challenge to many. Most people tend to overdo things without realizing that it is possible to do a good wedding at an affordable cost. With the economic downturn, you don’t want to spend all your savings in one day. Here are some tips on how to cut down the cost.

1. Reduce the guests’ list

As hard as it may sound, you do not have to invite everyone to your wedding. Guests need to be fed and attended to. Inviting many people to your wedding means that you will have to spend a lot on them. Trim your guests’ list to a manageable number. You can invite just your family and close friends. It is better to have a small number of guests which you can manage rather than having too many who will become a burden to you.

2. Prioritize what’s important

When coming up with a budget you will realize that there is a lot of things to be done. But you can list the things in needs vs. wants. If you can do without something, then it is not a must for you to spend on it. You should decide on things that you will spend your money on and those you won’t. This way you will be able to control your budget and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

3. Consider a cheaper venue

Everyone wants a venue that is beautiful there is no doubt. But when deciding on them consider somewhere classy and affordable. Choose a venue where you can have both the ceremony and the reception. Why should you pay for the venue and the reception while you can have them in the same place at a cheaper price? Also, check to see whether the venue has any offers, for example, décor offers. If you are getting married in East Sussex, consider checking wedding venue in Lewes. With their affordable facilities and trained personnel, they will ensure that your wedding day will remain memorable to all. From the beautiful scenery to the sumptuous meal you will not regret hiring them.

4. Minimize the flowers

You don’t need flowers on every table. You can just pick a few tables and the site will still be beautiful. Also, you can opt for using artificial flowers because they are relatively cheaper compared to the real ones. You should make the flower budget less by reducing their quantity.

5. Ask help from friends and family

You will be surprised by how much they are willing to help. If any of them is a good baker or tailor or wedding planner, ask them to help you so as to cut the cost of paying much money to other people. Some are maybe even willing to raise some funds for you, but if you won’t ask you won’t know. So take advantage of them.


The key thing to consider is simplicity. Do a simple wedding which you can afford and which will not leave you broke. Other things that you can also consider when cutting down the cost, which includes doing the decor yourself, booking your wedding off-season and the like.


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