The key to success in life starts when you are a child. Learning to focus in school is an essential skill as this ability to focus can stay with you throughout life. That same focus will help you to achieve your goals!

That’s why it is so important that children learn to focus at a young age. The good news is that it’s easier than you think to help your child focus at school and home.


Creating a schedule allows your child to know when they need to focus on learning and when they are free to do their own thing. The fact there is a definitive timescale for studying encourages them to focus, as they are aware that it’s a pre-defined period.

Of course, their attention may start to wane as they reach the end of the period which is when you need to be strict about maintaining timelines and focus. You may even need to threaten to extend the study time.

Outside of dedicated study periods, it is important not to focus on studying. That doesn’t stop you from helping them learn though, it just needs to be more indirect. 

Early Learning

You need the best support possible to build focus in your child. A reputable early learning center, such as early learning Lower North Shore, will also use schedules. They will also pay attention to maintaining focus throughout the session.

In principle, they are backing up your attempts to boost focus by defining time into focus and reward. 

Keep It Simple

To help with focus it is important to do one thing at a time with your child. Confusing them by offering multiple concepts at the same time is going to be frustrating and cause them to lose focus. Dealing with one thing isn’t just easier to maintain focus, it’s simpler to break down concepts and ensure they understand. 

When children understand they gain satisfaction which positively re-enforces the point of focusing.

Set A Goal

Your child is never too young to have a goal. These don’t need to be complicated and they must be achievable. If your child can visualize a goal it will help them to focus on it. They then gain the satisfaction, and possibly the reward, of making that goal. 

Create Workspace

If you’re trying to get your child to focus on a specific task then they need an area that is organized and dedicated to that task. In most cases, this is a desk and the necessary items, such as pens and paper. But, creating workspace also works for cooking and other tasks. In short, you’re eliminating distractions, that encourages focus.

Focusing Games

Puzzles, particularly jigsaws and crosswords, are a great way to improve focus. They also require your child to use problem-solving skills and they should be fun. Making the time you spend helping your child to focus beneficial and good for quality bonding.

That’s potentially the greatest gift you can give them!


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