When it comes to your day-to-day life, it’s important to be mindful of the environment. Teaching your family little ways to be more sustainable daily sets a good example and encourages your children to think about the planet. Here are just a few simple ways to help your family be eco-friendly!

Walk or Bike

Instead of driving everywhere you go as a family, suggest walking or riding your bikes. Take a walk to your nearby grocery store or over to a friend’s house. Ride your bikes to the park and have a picnic for lunch. Reducing the use of your vehicles will not only help the environment, but will also help your family stay active! If you’re traveling to a location that’s too far away to walk or ride your bikes, take public transportation as a family. 


Travel Smart

Eco-friendly living shouldn’t stop when you leave your house; bring those good habits with you when you travel! First off, be conscious of how you leave your home before traveling. Prepare your home for your trip and turn your thermostat down or off and unplug any unneeded devices. Secondly, choose to travel with the environment in mind. When you’re away on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is the potential harm you’re causing the Earth. Choose a luxury cruise line that cuts out single-use plastic and wasteful buffets. You want to feel good about the companies and businesses you support while you’re away, so make choices that make you feel good. 


Waste less

Any easy way to help the Earth is to just be conscious of how much you’re wasting, and make efforts to waste less and encourage your kids to do the same. When you’re brushing your teeth, turn off the sink. Take shorter showers and turn off the lights when you leave a room. When you’re eating your meals, don’t throw out extra food. Save it for leftovers, or serve smaller portions before going back for seconds if you’re still hungry. If your family sees you wasting less energy, food, and water, it is sure to become a habit in your household. 



Making an effort to recycle means there will be fewer products harming the planet. Set up a recycling bin in your home or in your garage to give a constant reminder to recycle your plastics, metals, and glass. If getting your family in the habit of recycling seems hard at first, make it rewarding for them so they want to participate. If your state gives back money for recyclables, collect bottles and cans to return to the supermarket and reward everyone with an ice cream cone or special treat with the money you get back. They’ll look forward to recycling in the future!


Choose Reusable

While recycling is a big step in bettering your impact on the environment, start fresh and only use reusable products when you can. Buy reusable water bottles, straws, and grocery bags so that you’re not using plastic every time. If you’re worried about not remembering to use reusable products on the go, keep your eco-friendly products in your bag or purse, or in your car so that you’ll always have them on hand. 


Small changes in your everyday habits can make a huge difference for the planet. Getting your family on board for reducing, reusing, and recycling can create a bigger impact than you realize. Start to implement these tips into your family’s life, and encourage those around you to do the same! Tell me in the comments: what are your favorite to help the Earth?


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