Just because of their sheer beauty, using fish as the theme for a children's party is a great idea that kids and adults would love. With all the different sizes and awesome colors of fish, plus the gears used in fishing, you can come with a host of ideas for a fun, unique party.

So, we'll give you some tips now on how to host the party and the ideas you can use.

Food and beverage:

You want to use cups and plates that represent the theme. Instead of bringing out drinks in regular cups or paper cups, use fish bowls for juice or punch to serve the beverage out of them. You can also find plastic cups that come with protective lids in the shape of other sea animals. The lids help to prevent spillage plus they won't go to waste as they can be used on a day to day basis after the party.


For food, instead of a regular cake, you can make or order one in the shape of a fishing boat, for example. You can go as elaborate or as simple as you want. The icing on the cake can go a long way in adding to the details, whether you want a fisherman, or maybe blue and white icing to give the look of the sea.


Cookies are always a big hit at any kids' party. Nowadays you can find cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes and this is great because now you can add different varieties to your cookies. Every baker’s baking accessories always consist of a set or two, or even several  cookie cutters. This is because they really are a helpful tool when it comes to churning out faster, uniform looking cookies. Various materials like, metal, plastic and even copper are now used to make cutters. Cookies aren’t only yummy to eat but they are also fun to make, especially if you have cookie cutters in different designs.



You can really let your imagination go wild here. From fishing nets to fishermen, there are a variety of ideas that make for a lively setting. You can use fishnets as banners, with anything printable on it as a Happy Birthday sign if the party is also a birthday party. Colorful balloons of sea creatures are also sure to catch children's attention. You can create colorful streamers from wall to wall using colorful crepe paper, or make an entire ocean scene. If they want to experience an under the sea theme, adding a bubble machine to have a kids foam party would be a blast.

There are so many great ideas out there, research, and get inspiration from them and add your own twist to it.  



Kids will eventually get restless and want to do some sort of activity. What's better than going fishing? You can create fishing poles for each child made from some straw and string. Arranging the small gifts on the floor and attaching the hooks to both the gift and the straw will allow the children to fish for their gifts.


Get kids involved

This was just a quick glance on some ideas. You really can't go wrong with a fish-themed party because there's so much you can do with it. The best thing is that your children can get involved in all the preparations which will make it extra fun for them and give them lovely memories.



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