How to Host a Paint-and-Sip Party

How to Host a Paint-and-Sip Party

Feeling bored out of your mind but exhausted at the same time? Wish you could spend a fun day with friends without having to rise from your living room couch? One kind of reposeful and rewarding party might arouse your interest. A paint-and-sip party is an event where you get together with some of your best buddies, grab a canvas and paintbrush, pour your favorite drink (it doesn’t necessarily have to be alcoholic), and paint and sip the entire night away.

Paint-and-sip parties are easy to plan and even easier to execute. Here’s everything you need to know about how to host a paint and sip party, from creating the invitations and dressing the set to painting an extraordinary little scene. Even if you’ve never painted before, you too can paint almighty pictures, in the words of painting legend Bob Ross. Let’s get started planning the event of a lifetime!

Craft Your Invitations

The first step in planning a paint-and-sip party is to thoughtfully and meticulously create a handful of invitations so that you can let the prospective attendees know you’re down to party and want them to come party with you.

But before you can toil over your invitations, pick out a theme for your paint-and-sip! Maybe you want a really casual event, or maybe you’d prefer an elegant evening that involves taste-testing wines and illustrating tranquil beaches and breathtaking mountain landscapes. Or maybe you want a themed event dedicated to the master of happiness and painting himself, Bob Ross. If you want to learn to paint, watching his inspirational videos is sure to spark the hidden talent within you!

Regardless of how you want the night to look, pick out some appropriately themed invitations, and send them out through snail mail, e-mail, or any other preferred method of communication.

Set the Stage

The next tip on how to host a paint and sip party is to decorate to your heart’s content—assuming your party is in person, that is. If you decide to host your party virtually using an online video service such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, decorating isn’t a necessity. The only people who will see the decorations you put up will be you and the people you live with—your friends will be none the wiser to how hard you worked to make things look nice.

If you’re inviting your guests over to your humble abode, however, it doesn’t hurt to dress the setting to suit the theme. Decorate with streamers, balloons, cardboard cutouts, and other paint-themed party decor. Don’t forget to stock up on supplies, either. It wouldn’t be a very productive painting party without the canvases and paint, nor would it be a very good sip party without drinks to sip on.

Have Fun!

It’s finally here—it’s the day of your party! There’s not much left to do but sit back, relax with your friends, snack and sip on an array of foods and drinks, and create a fun and personality-filled masterpiece to display proudly in your home.

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