The real estate market is a highly competitive one which can make it hard for you to sell your house quickly while making a profit. It’s not enough to simply paint the walls, vacuum the carpets, and straighten the furniture, to knock the socks off potential homebuyers, follow these tried-and-tested pro tips.

Upgrade the Exterior

You'll have to make the best first impression if you want potential buyers to be interested in your home. To do so, you'll need to start with your home’s exterior since it’s the first thing they see. It all begins with your front yard.


Brisbane is one of the cities that are best known for their impressive clean-looking houses and buildings. Expert arborists in Brisbane say that one of the most effective ways to increase the home's curb appeal is by ensuring that the front and back yards are well-groomed and safe with no stumps or low-hanging branches. Tending to the front and back yards allows potential buyers to imagine the full experience of possibly living in your house.


Fix the Interior

Having a well taken care of a home is usually not enough to impress potential buyers; homebuyers are likely to have extremely high expectations so your normal living presentation may not be enough. To leave a great impression, highlight your home's strengths and pay attention to the smallest details.


Potential buyers will pick up on things as small as that faulty switch in the upstairs bedroom, so be sure to take a tour through your home and inspect everything from leaks and loose handles and cabinet hinges to caulk around tubs and sinks and burnt-out lightbulbs.


The fewer negatives the potential buyer has to report, the more attracted they’ll be to your home so don’t ignore inspecting your appliances, roofs, windows, shower rods, toilets, etc.

Make Viewing Your Property a Pleasant Experience

When potential buyers show interest in your home, make viewing your property as easy and fast for them as possible to let them know that they can trust you. Don’t make them jump through hoops, unexpectedly cancel on them, or reschedule a hundred times. All this leaves a negligent bad impression and can make them quickly lose interest in your home.


When it comes to the actual showing of your property, set a pleasant ambiance by playing, relaxing, appropriate music and create a warm, inviting space by adding soft throws and decorative pillows to accentuate your furniture. Baking cookies and brewing fresh coffee is also a great way to give your property a homey feel.


Last but not least, avoid cleaning your house on the same day of a showing because harsh chemicals can leave a lasting, overpowering smell that can turn off potential buyers.


If you’re selling your home and are not sure where to begin, there’s no need to be overwhelmed. It all starts by simply looking at your home with fresh eyes and you’ll be able to spot a few elements that can be upgraded to help you put your home’s best face forward. Use this guide to know which elements to look for and create a fantastic first impression.

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