How to Improve Writing Skills in English

Have you ever wondered why you failed to score full marks on a particular question in an exam or assignment? Ideally, such a result hardly reflected your knowledge deficit in that subject but was probably because of poor writing. In the corporate world, a recruitment agency is more likely to portray you as untrustworthy or lazy if your application documents (curriculum vitae or resume, application letter, and other relevant materials) contain grammar and spelling mistakes. 

5 Ways to Improve English Writing Skills

Most students in universities and colleges struggle with writing in English because of various factors, ranging from a lack of technical know-how to overlooking the importance of language in excelling in school. For that reason, has highlighted some free tips that can help to improve academic writing skills. 

  1. Expand your vocabulary

You might mistake this strategy for incorporating complex words and phrases in your write-up. However, this is never the case to improve English writing skills. So, what does it mean to expand your vocabulary? It would be best if you began distinguishing informal and formal words before writing. For instance, if you are writing a business paper, avoid saying a company makes a profit; instead, say a company breaks even. In this case, you have avoided the word “made,” which is informal. 

Similarly, learn to use synonyms when writing. Such an aspect minimizes the tendency of repetition, and an expert will perceive you to have a high mastery of vocabulary. In particular, you can replace the word company with the corporation in succession sentences. Overall, expanding your vocabulary starts by learning synonyms and avoiding informal words when writing an assignment. 

You might be asking yourself, “How will I evaluate my progress in vocabulary mastery?” If you are confident you can avoid repetitions and the use of informal or words with “empty” meaning, you should consider trying some written exercises. For a student, it will be straightforward since you can see your professor’s comment since most assignments contain grammar marks. Other individuals could post their written content in a friendly community on social media. Always take criticism positively. 

  1. Use spell and grammar checks

Do you know that just a punctuation and spelling mistake can change the entire meaning of a sentence? For example, mistaking the principle for principal completely changes the meaning since the former refers to guidelines or regulations and the latter refers to a senior person in an organization or group. So, how could you avoid such a mistake? Usually, it is easier to proofread and edit a paper with a few pages. However, it might be challenging for a long paper, for example, in the case of students who complete business plans and dissertations. 

In this case, you should consider using spelling and grammar check tools such as Grammarly. Ideally, this tool will help you correct typo mistakes and sentence structure. It will also highlight sentences with passive voice, which you will consider rephrasing or changing. Considering Grammarly offers real-time assistance, you will continue learning as you make changes. However, you should be cautious if your paper contains non-English words such as medical or technological terms. 

  1. Develop a habit of reading 

Have you ever heard that the best speakers are equally the best listeners? Usually, this is also applicable to the best writers. Whether English is your native or second language, reading “as much as possible” is necessary to improve writing skills in English. If you develop a reading culture, you will be sure to improve your sentence construction, grammar, and vocabulary. Besides, you will understand that you can convey a sentence with the same meaning differently. 

  1. Order an essay from top writers

After joining a college or university, you might realize that you are unable to score high grades in an assignment even with adequate mastery of the subject. Upon inquiring, your professor or instructor informs you that the reason for your failing entails your essays containing incorrect sentence composition, improper use of tenses, and a lot of primitive, ambiguous, and redundant words. Will you wait to repeat a course or fail to graduate? In this case, you should consider addressing a writing service for academic essay help e.g. CustomWritngs.This custom essay writing service prides itself on delivering well-researched and written from scratch papers to students in the USA and worldwide. With this company’s professional assistance, you will be sure to not only score high grades and graduate but also save because it offers cheap services.

  1. Learn to write an organized paragraph

What should you do to ensure that your paragraph and essay make sense even after improving your English? It is simple; just follow these guidelines:

  • Start with a topic sentence. Usually, this segment introduces the reader or audience to what will be discussed in the entire paragraph. For that reason, a paragraph should only contain one idea.
  • Supporting pieces of evidence. These sentences include qualitative and quantitative evidence to expound on the topic sentence. 
  • Evaluation of sources. Without including this segment, it will be just like copying another person’s idea. Ideally, evaluation uncovers unconventionally and novel ideas to the subject matter. 
  • Concluding sentence. This sentence wraps up the main idea and connects to the question. 

Strategies on How to Improve Writing Skills in English for Students

Since your paper should be in your own language and communicate the message, you should use the following strategies so that you can never compromise your writing skills. 

Create an outline

Have you ever read a write-up from online sources and realized that it addresses every point perfectly? Usually, such professional writers identify the main points before starting to write. As a student, you might begin by developing your thesis statement and topic sentences before beginning to research the topic. Such a measure would minimize the potential of repeating information and words in succession sentences and consequently improve your grammar. 

Be conversant with different text types

Do you know that you must understand its language to score highly in a specific subject? Yes, some English words mean different things in different fields. A notable example is “plowing” in business, which refers to reinvesting, but means using a plow to turn up the land in agriculture. Ideally, it would be best if you familiarize yourself with different types of text to improve your writing. For instance, read essays completed with seasoned writers, magazines on different issues, and novels. It would help if you also considered looking for journals to know how scholars formulate their ideas in English. 

Generally speaking, sharpening your written English remains a cornerstone of passing school exams and writing a winning business and research proposal. Always know you can be the best in anything, including improving your English writing skills.  

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