How To Include Your Irish Heritage in Your Wedding

How To Include Your Irish Heritage in Your Wedding

The excitement of getting engaged may soon dissipate with the anxiety of planning a wedding. If you’ve got the luck of the Irish, you can let your heritage do the planning. Knowing how to include your Irish heritage in your wedding may make planning your celebration easier than you thought. Check it out.

Use a Claddagh Ring

As one of the most well-known Irish wedding traditions, the Claddagh ring passes down from mother to daughter. You wear it on the right hand with the point of the ring facing your fingertip. When in a relationship, you turn the ring around. Once engaged, you move the ring to the other hand and flip it around once married.

Tie the Knot

Couples have their hands tied together during the wedding ceremony in a custom known as handfasting. The phrase “tying the knot” comes from this tradition.

Incorporate Green

Whether due to shamrocks or the rolling green hills of Ireland, people will forever associate green with Celtic and Irish traditions. One of the best ways to home in on your theme is to use the right colors. Darker and natural shades will compliment your theme.

Wear a Kilt

No one will mistake the theme of your wedding if the men dress in kilts. Especially if the groom is Irish, you can encourage him to celebrate his heritage by wearing the traditional clothing of his ancestors.

Dawn Irish Dance Shoes

You should also find more ways to theme your bridal wear. You can switch out traditional wedding shoes for Irish dance shoes that will take people by surprise. Not only will they add to your theme, but you’ll feel more comfortable throughout the night. You can dance better in shoes designed for it.

Play Irish Celtic Music

You can bring your theme to life with the sounds of Celtic music. From the moment your guests enter the wedding venue to the music you play at the reception, include music that speaks to your heritage. While you want to please your guests, you also want to share your life with them and show them what makes your relationship special.

You will blow your guests away when you give them a peek into your background and heritage. Your celebration is unique when you figure out how to include your Irish heritage in your wedding. Don’t hesitate to use all the traditions your family cherishes.

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