Improving the productivity of your small business should be one of your top priorities. You might have the best products, best marketing, and a great team with you, but it is only as good as how smoothly all the operations run. Productivity brings with it more important changes to the overall business. Mainly, it opens up a lot of opportunities because of this increase in potential.

Potential is good, but the potential is exactly what its name implies – a possibility. The aim of improving your business has to have potential but there needs to be a way to achieve it and that is why you should use these tips on increasing productivity to reach your small businesses’ full potential.

Training and Learning Courses

One of the smartest ways to improve productivity and increase the ability of your team is through learning courses and training. What makes this such a valuable resource in productivity is that it increases the amount of knowledge your workers have, and knowledge is power, in any field. The power of learning courses is that they can be flexible and introduced into the work environment through online courses. As stated at, learning systems can be easily integrated into the workplace to help increase knowledge. From system management, new work materials, guidelines, or solutions, e-learning, and training, in general, is a highly valuable way to increase work productivity for a small business.

Provide Good Work Conditions

Nothing can hurt productivity more than a poor working environment. The reasons why an environment is so bad for workers can be numerous which makes this a bit of a challenge. This includes, but is not limited to; inadequate tools or equipment, low morale, poor communication, unhealthy living standards, loose/unregulated work guidelines, etc. These are some of the most prominent issues when it comes to providing a workplace that can be seen as effective. Productivity can begin and end with you as the business owner as well. It would be impossible to write off the need for a competent and reliable boss or team leader. The motivation factor is important because if workers do not want to work for you, there is not much you can do to get them to provide that productivity. By providing a healthy work environment with collaboration, open communication, motivation, and respect, you can help create a sense of responsibility that trickles down to your staff to help keep things moving in the right direction.


Employee happiness is one of the biggest factors in this desire for improved productivity. The collaboration factor is very important and it is good to let people's voices be heard so they can actually contribute to success. The business is only as strong as the sum of its parts and being in sync with everyone drives these goals forward. Flexibility is also a new concern for workers and you can try to implement new strategies that allow for less stressful situations and increased focus.

Goal Setting and Prioritization

Goal setting is going to help you differentiate between what is and is not an immediate priority. Prioritization for a business can mean a lot of things but at its heart you should go into every day, every project, or every meeting with the focus on what is going to help you and improve you most as the first thing you want to tackle. Productivity is not always dealing with the big issues first, but in this case, getting the most pressing concerns met is a good way to keep yourself prioritized and focused on long term goals.

Breaks and Mental Decluttering

The misconception about giving people breaks or allowing them to unwind a bit has infected a lot of modern thought on how to make a productive business environment. The idea that your team needs to be completely plugged in and working at all times is actually counterproductive. Allowing your team to get up, walk around, grab a healthy snack, or even stretch can make small, but impactful improvements to their productivity by increasing their mental state. This is a proven and easy to implement strategy, which can potentially include work-from-home days.


Productivity is the name of the game when it comes to bringing your small business to the next level. Potential is useless if it is not utilized or if it’s underutilized, but these strategies can greatly improve how your business runs, how much this potential for growth is utilized, and create a much more efficient system moving forward in your goals.


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