How to keep on top of the latest fashion trends

For some, the latest fashions are a constant source of inspiration, offering the chance to reinvent yourself with a new energy and a completely different look. While this can be a fun way to keep yourself looking and feeling great, it can be hard to ensure that you are staying on trend instead of lagging behind in last season’s look.

There are a few simple things you can do to make it easier to find the fashions that you want to wear, such as:

Find your fashion match

A little up-front research will allow you to let someone else do the hard work of finding the latest trends and translating them into a wearable option for you. If you can find a fashion influencer who shares your taste and has a similar look to you, then you can use their content as a shortcut to find the perfect pieces for you.

Fashion influencers such as Adam Gallagher, Deon Hinton, and Luke Sabbat all post their thoughts regularly, so find someone you like the look of and follow them for easy updates.

Let the ideas come to you

If you find it hard to make time to sit down and look through fashion magazines or websites, then let them do the hard work. Most sites will give you a range of contact options so that you can let them come to you when new lines are released.

Most will also offer editorial takes on the latest from the world of fashion, but you can sign up for emails and notifications from your favourite bloggers, journalists, and designers to get their hot takes on what they are expecting to see hitting the streets in the coming months.

Be creative

If you want to follow fashion but find it hard to keep track of a constantly rotating selection of clothes, then allow yourself some shortcuts by prioritizing statement pieces. A well-cut pair of black pants can be teamed with bold prints and bright colours or a simple shirt and muted blazer to create two completely different looks.

Before you buy anything, make sure you have a thorough sort through your closet to see which items have the potential to be freshened up by wearing them in a new way. A plain shirt can be given a completely new lease of life when worn with a pair of custom splatter denim pants, so make sure you don’t overlook your staple items when considering a new purchase. 

Be true to yourself

Trends change and fashion can be fickle, so it’s important to always centre your own sense of style when looking for a new outfit. Once you have found what works for you, you can use that as a guideline for picking new items and only choose those that really work with your look.

This is also important to ensure that you end up with pieces you can actually wear together, in colours that complement one another and styles that enhance one another rather than clashing. You don’t have to sacrifice your individuality to stay on trend – there are plenty of ways to make any look work for you without having to compromise on what looks and feels good.

Remember the power of accessories

You don’t have to go all out to give your look a noticeable lift – if you go bold enough on the accessories then you can create an eye-catching new look without having to change much else. Fans of Stranger Things have generated an increasing demand for scrunchies and boldly coloured hair accessories that epitomized the 1980s.

For those that love jewellery, a statement necklace or brooch can draw focus to the extent that the rest of your outfit simply serves as a backdrop, and it couldn’t be easier to create this look with pieces you already own.

From TV shows and magazines to social media and niche websites, if you want to find the perfect look among the latest trends, you can find a level of fashion engagement that works for you.

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