How To Keep Your Cannabis Plants Thriving In Winter Chill



Cannabis lovers have good reasons to start cultivating it at home. If you are a regular user, you will understand the value of a home-grown crop. You can save a fortune on replenishing your supplies while getting access to pure and potent herbs. The best part is that you can grow organically without using chemicals and pesticides during cultivation.

But growing cannabis takes a lot of work, even more, if you live in an area with harsh winters. The dropping temperatures, dry air, and low light intensity may impact the quality and quantity of the yield. But you can still have a thriving crop with some education and preparation. An indoor growing operation sets you up for success with the right conditions. Here are some measures you can follow to keep your crop thriving even in the winter chill. 

Begin with the right genetics

The quality and quantity of cannabis yield depend on genetics. It can also determine the ability of the crop to thrive even in the winter chill. Look for strains that are inherently suited for colder regions. You can know more with some research on genetics or consulting a seasoned grower. In general, indica strains adapt better to cooler temperatures than sativas. You can also consider auto-flowering strains if you live in an area with harsh winters. These strains are hard and reach the big stage in only eight weeks. It makes them easy to cultivate in early Spring or late Autumn.

Know what it takes

Summer or winter, cannabis requires ideal conditions to grow and thrive. As a grower, you must know what it takes to survive during the harsh weather. Typically, you will have to provide the crop with nutritious soil, light, and water in precise measurements. When you grow the crop outdoors, you cannot control the weather. Additionally, it has to bear the brunt of the elements and pests. But things are different with indoor cultivation as you have better environmental control. You have to worry less about exposure to rain, snow, and insects. 

Optimize the grow room

Cannabis cultivators need to ensure grow room optimization throughout the year, but it is more crucial in winters. A perfect growing environment requires a temperature range of 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below 60 degrees can harm the crop. Greenhouses are ideal for winter cultivation as they trap the heat of the sun and ensure optimal temperature. The right grow light spectrum also plays a vital role in promoting plant growth. You can achieve it by installing the apt grow lights in your garden. Keeping your plants off the ground is another good way to ensure warmth. Alternatively, layering the ground with heat pads helps, as they also enhance the overall warmth of the space. 

Check humidity levels 

If you want your cannabis to do well in winter, you also need to ensure optimal humidity levels for the crop. The ideal humidity level for the plant is 60 percent, which is hard to maintain during winters. It often drops drastically when you have indoor heaters running as they dry the air. You can install a standard humidifier in the grow room to make up for the loss of moisture. Doing it manually is another option though it can get hard to dampen your plants with a spray bottle regularly. It is better to manage it automatically with a humidifier as you can run it day and night. 

Be extra-conscious about outdoor cultivation 

An indoor crop in a greenhouse is a better option for cannabis cultivators because you have good control. You have to be extra conscious about your outdoor crop. Moisture from rainfall and snow can build up and trigger mold issues for the plant. They are hard to deal with, and your flowers may end up rotting before they are ready for harvest. The best bet is to move the plants indoors. You may not have the option of building a greenhouse for your crop. But you can invest in growing tents to keep the crops thriving even in sub-zero temperatures. 

As a cannabis enthusiast, you will not want to confine cultivation to the summer season. Although winter gardening sounds like a challenge, it is easier than you imagine. Indoor cultivation can make it a lot easier because you can control the conditions and ensure they are ideal for your crop. It is equally crucial to know the ideal conditions in the first place and invest in the required equipment to implement them. The choice of a winter-friendly strain can make all the difference. 


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