How to Keep Your Neighbors Happy During a Home Renovation Project

Have you ever tried waking up to the sound of drilling, nails being hammered, and people shouting around the block? A badly planned home renovation project may result in these disturbances. When the time comes, you will also renovate your home. During this time, make sure to keep your neighbors happy and untroubled.

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Here are 7 ways to keep your neighbors happy and at ease during a home renovation project:

  • Inform your neighbors in advance

One of the first steps to building a healthy relationship with your neighbors is to keep them aware of your project. This helps them feel like they are involved with your project, which in turn makes them more understanding of the activities happening within your property.

  • Choose the right time

Nobody wants to wake up or sleep to the sound of construction equipment ringing and pounding around the neighborhood. As much as possible, begin your home renovation project during the afternoon, or whenever the neighborhood is in its working hours.

  • Keep everything organized

You will need some equipment and materials during a home renovation project, which includes even the smallest of tools such as screwdrivers and nails. Try to keep everything in one place so that neighbors won’t find it anywhere near their yard.

  • Address their complaints

Complaints are sometimes unavoidable, and there will be neighbors who won’t like the noise of your home renovation project. To keep them happy, you must try to console them and try to think of an alternative or talk it out with them.


Whenever a neighbor tries to show aggression or disagreement with your project, do not quarrel or fight against them. Maintain a calm and steady composure, and try to ask them what is the problem, then create a solution afterward.

  • Keep in touch with your neighbors

After informing them and addressing their complaints, try to ask how it’s going for them from time to time. This helps in maintaining your steady and healthy relationship with your neighbors during the process.

  • Practice proper clean-up and waste management

Nobody likes to see a construction site full of the mess lying around. Once done with your home renovation project, keep your area as clean as possible. To maximize a fast and efficient cleaning process, get a roll-off dumpster for better waste transportation and management.


If you don’t have a roll-off dumpster, a dumpster rental company such as RedBox+ will be able to help you in getting one. Save your time and energy, and keep your project rolling!

  • Give your neighbors some love and gratitude

When everything is finished, relieve yourself of the tiredness and invite your neighbors to your home as a sign of gratitude for their understanding during your renovation. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your neighbors will help promote better understanding for future projects.

Home renovations aren’t too bad as long as everyone is happy. Along the way, you may also meet new neighbors and befriend them. Take this opportunity to know them more and create a line of connection between you and your neighbors.

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