How To Keep Your Relationship On Track During Menopause

Menopause is perhaps the most challenging phase a woman experiences. It affects your body and mind in more than one way. The symptoms may vary from person to person, but most women feel bloated, anxious, and unhappy. Not surprisingly, the phase may take a toll on your relationship as well. You have mood swings and low libido, and both can distance you from your spouse or lover. Having a plan to deal with these woes can safeguard your love life despite the challenges of menopause. Here are some tried and tested tips that help. 

Spend time together

More often, you may feel mood swings and emotional turmoil troubling you. But do not let them come between you and your partner. Find ways to spend time together and communicate. Plan date nights, spend the weekends together, and make conscious efforts to set some time for each other. Talk openly and listen closely to keep the communication flowing. Discuss your concerns and expectations to overcome challenges and communication gaps. Being together can make you a stronger and happier couple. 

Understand the significance of alone-time

Spending time together strengthens your bond, but alone-time is equally important. It keeps you grounded during the stressful phase, and your partner needs it as much to maintain their sanity. Staying in personal space is all the more crucial to deal with mood swings and menopause blues. Go out for a walk or plan a solo movie date when you need to relax and unwind. Understand the need to get and give space, and you will be happy to reconnect with your partner later.

Prioritize physical intimacy

Relationships suffer when they lack intimacy, and it often happens when the female partner goes through menopause. You can expect symptoms like menopausal vaginal dryness, pain, and loss of libido. Accept them as natural changes, and find ways to deal with them. Thankfully, several remedies help. Invest efforts in overcoming these symptoms and getting your bedroom life on track. Seek support from your partner to get the intimacy back. You will achieve the goal sooner rather than later. 

Prioritize your relationship

Like physical intimacy, emotional intimacy can also take a hit during menopause. It can spell a rough patch for your relationship, but a little effort can save you from losing your love. Prioritize your relationship over everything else- work, kids, friends, and hobbies. Create a balance in your life, but make sure that your partner is always a priority. Rest assured, nothing can affect your bond, not even menopause!

Participate in couple rituals 

As you age, you often forget the thrill of doing things together, the way you did as youngsters. Revisit your couple goals and reinvent your couple rituals for a fresh start. It could be anything- preparing Sunday brunch together, sharing a bedtime routine, watching a movie together once a month, or joining a couple-dance class. Follow the ritual to feel close and connected regardless of the menopause woes. 

The last thing that should affect your love and bonding as a couple is a menopause. It is just a part of life, so accept it and take things in a stride. Focus on togetherness, and you will be together forever! 

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