How to liven up your spare room

The spare bedroom is usually a little neglected when you are decorating your house – it gets pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list and can often end up being bland and unexciting. Your spare room should not just be a blank room with a bed to sleep in – it should be warm and welcoming, so your guests feel at home. There is nothing worse than staying over in a sad-looking bedroom with no life in it. Here are some simple tips on how to make your spare room more inviting.

  1. Artwork or prints

First and foremost, you should think about hanging up some pictures or artwork. A simple framed image can immediately bring a bit more life into a room and make it less sterile. You can buy prints and frame them yourself or add a more personal touch and decorate with some family photos. These cute photo tiles from Hello Canvas can be ordered in various shapes that you can fit together in a full wall collage!

   2. Have a décor theme.

Come up with a décor theme for your spare room like cottage core or an industrial theme. It will make it much easier to find the right accessories and really bring the room together with minimal effort. Alternatively, you could use this as a way to get really creative and go for a more quirky theme – anything that you thought was too bold for your living areas, the spare room is the perfect place to go over the top and just have fun.

  3. Shelves

A spare room is also perfect for a bit of extra storage so knock up some shelves and fill them with books. Not only can this act as a décor item but your guests can have a browse through the tomes and read before bed. You could also install a cool, stylish magazine rack and fill it will the latest volumes that your guest might be interested in – this gives you the opportunity to personalise the space for your particular visitor and something we are sure they would appreciate.

  4.  Mirrors

Mirrors are a multifunctional décor item with both practical and aesthetic reasons to hang them up. They can help a smaller space seem much bigger and brighten up the room by reflecting the light – perfect for spare bedrooms as these tend to be the smallest and sometimes the dingiest room in the house. In addition to this, your guest will appreciate the ability to check themselves out before they stumble down for breakfast.

  5. Plants

Plants always help to bring some life into a room as well as a flow of oxygen to keep it from getting stuffy through lack of use. Plants come in all shapes and sizes so you will have no problem finding the right fit for your spare room. You could even fit a few plants around the place and turn it into an indoor jungle. Just make you do not forget about them, and keep them watered regularly – a room full of dead plants is definitely not a welcoming sight!

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