Is travelling your jam? If so, then don’t be carried away by the beauty of the outside scenery to carry away your beauty. With activities like hiking that’ll make you sweat profusely, you can still find a way to maintain your looks for some photos.

Is this an uphill task, try these tips;

1. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

Sleep is not only important to your mental health, but also to your physical body. Travelling is encompassed by many activities that can wear you out. If you don’t get proper sleep, you’ll not complete the next day’s activities.


Many travelers tend to stay awake till the midnight hours and then wake up in the wee hours of the morning. They, therefore, reach their destination tired and can take a whole day resting.

Enough sleep gives you the energy and an extra oomph to tackle the day’s activities. Just remember to take a shower before you retire to bed.

2. Drink Enough Water

Keeping your body fluids on check is essential for anyone planning to go for a long trip. According to healthline, the daily water requirement for men is 4 liters while for women is about 3 liters. The level of water gets depleted faster when you’re outdoors, so you need to add at least half a liter.


Water is essential in replacing the amount lost by sweating and to keep the body metabolic activities moving. Take water before boarding the train, cruise, plane or that bus to keep your skin hydrated. Some travelers may get attacked by insomnia or headaches, water will help you avert these.

3. Don’t Forget the Deodorants and Perfumes

After having a 36-hour drive from New York to Arizona, you tend to smell like a worn out, sweaty rugby player right from the field.


To avoid the awful smell, you can carry with you deodorants to apply from time to time on your trip. It’s essential that you look for the deodorants that last 30 hours as one spray is enough to give you the push for the whole journey.


For those who opt to wear perfumes, you should prefer carrying solid perfumes as they’re not heavy and easily portable. You can just put one into your pants pocket and take any time you stall smelling that stench smell from your armpits.

4. Stay away from Alcohol

Alcohol is not encouraged while traveling as it highly dehydrates your body. If you are traveling by air and you indulge, you increase the risks.


Alcohol tampers with your sleep pattern and makes your skin scanty. You can opt for herbal teas or water instead. Carry some sachets of your favorite tea and hot water that’ll use. If traveling by air, you can ask the staff to assist you.


5. Hair Spray

If you never knew, perfect grooming begins from the hair and then proceeds to the attire then the overall body. Travelling can leave you looking like a hag with scary looking hair. That’s why you should also keep in mind your hair while packing.


Hairspray helps to reset your hair, giving it the volume it needs. Holy Moore from SeroVital says that removing the gray from your hair can take off 10 to 20 years from your appearance.

Maybe you forgot to carry your hairspray; you can use the water trick. Sprinkle some water to your hands and then massage your root hairs to maintain their volume.

6. Food and snacks

Not every food is good for traveling and if you pick the wrong one, your trip can get ruined right from the start. If need be, pack your own food from home to avoid buying junk food from the roadside shops.


If you’re traveling by air, you are at a higher risk. The foods offered are always packed for a long time and preserved with preservatives. You also never know whether the utensils are clean on not.


If you opt to carry your own snacks, don’t carry fried foods or cheese. These have an ability to dehydrate your body and make your skin scanty. Rather, carry with you a lot of fruits and almonds. They are great in keeping your body nutrition packed.


Now you know that keeping fresh and smelling nice is not only required when you are going to work. When you hit the road, ensure you are in check.

There you have it. I hope the above tips will keep you fresh in your next long trip. Reach your destination the same way you left your house.

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