How to Maintain Your Kitchen Tools

How to Maintain Your Kitchen Tools

People who are learning to cook may pay close attention to how they are developing their techniques and awareness of common food preparation methods. What they may forget, however, is that there are also standards that guide them on correctly caring for the various utensils that they utilize while making delicious meals. If you’re new to the world of cooking, take a moment to learn about how to maintain your kitchen tools. You’ll get the most use out them this way and may even improve the quality of your cooking when your equipment is in peak condition.

Stainless-Steel Items

A good number of your pots are probably made of stainless steel. Over time, these can collect burnt residue from the food you place within them. It can seem impossible to get off the remnants of past meals when they stick to the stainless steel in this way. The dishwasher will not get them out and regular handwashing will not affect them either. What you should do is fill the stainless-steel pot with soapy water and boil it on the stovetop. Afterward, scrub down the pot and it’ll be good as new.

Wooden Tools

You may have spoons, spatulas, or cutting boards made of wood. This composition makes it possible for them to rot since they are repeatedly coming into contact with food and water. Rub some walnut oil on them throughout the year in order to ward off deterioration in these tools. When you wash them, don’t leave them soaking overnight. Instead, wash them right after use and allow them to dry.

Cast-Iron Pans

Cast-iron pans are an oddity in that you actually want the leftover oils from your cooking to remain on them and enrich the flavor of future dishes that you create with them. As a consequence, you should not wash them with soap and water after you are done with them. Instead, you should put some cooking oil and kosher salt on your cast iron pan’s surface and rub this mixture in using paper towels or a rag. By doing this, the salt will pick up excess grime that you don’t want without stripping the pan of all its oil. Take out the salt after you are done and store the cast iron pan in a dry location to prevent it from rusting.


The right way to treat your kitchen knives is yet another central component of knowing how to maintain your kitchen tools as a whole. You use knives at some point in most recipes, so you should seek to maintain yours well. Clean your knives by hand with soap and water so that they aren’t damaged. When you notice your knives becoming blunt, you should sharpen them as well. You can sharpen average knives with dedicated sharpening tools.

If you have Japanese knives, there are some special care tips you should follow. For instance, after washing them, you must dry them off with a towel immediately so that they don’t rust. You should also sharpen them more delicately with whetstones rather than newer sharpening tools to avoid chipping or otherwise breaking their edges.

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