How to Make a Quarantine Birthday Special

How to Make a Quarantine Birthday Special

Time stops for no one, meaning birthdays keep coming during this unfortunate year. Even if quarantine thwarts big birthday bashes, there are still ways to celebrate your own or your loved one’s special day in style. We have tips on how to make a quarantine birthday special so you can stay safe while having an exciting birthday celebration.

Video Chat Meetings

Everyone has been talking about apps that can be used to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, like Zoom and FaceTime. Staying connected over an extended meeting with everyone’s cameras on allows you to see the excitement of a present being opened, candles being blown out, or sweet family moments. Even though everyone is apart, being able to see others can make a huge difference in your celebration.

Buy or Make a Cake

It may seem like a little thing, but baking a cake can make a birthday that is forced to be spent indoors actually feel like a birthday. Not only is it a traditional birthday tradition, but you can make it a family activity. Baking a cake requires many steps that can be split among household members. It can be a fun little task for everyone to do, even if it can’t be a surprise for the person with the birthday. If it’s safe, you can purchase a cake from the grocery store or support a local bakery. You have to look for a cake that is freshly taken from the speed rack and make it ready for the preparation. If you’re having a video meeting with friends and family, everyone can participate by having their own cakes!

Pick Out the Perfect Gift Online

Picking out a present is always one of the hardest parts of celebrating a birthday. Even harder is the task of having to find the perfect gift and then not being able to see the recipient open it in person. The most important pieces of advice for picking out a gift are to listen carefully to the recipient to figure out exactly what they want and then do research on whatever you buy before you make the final decision. Some stores even have the option to gift wrap the box, which might add another level of excitement to the present.

If it’s your birthday up next, put together a wish-list that people can access inconspicuously. Make sure to have flexible items for people who may not have a lot to spare for you and be understanding of strenuous economic situations.

Dedicate the Day To Them

Weirdly enough, letting the one with the birthday plan out their own birthday schedule can let them know how special they are to you. Spending quality time together shows how important they are to you, no matter what your relationship is. Plus, having the schedule ahead of time gives you time to prepare little personalized surprises to throw in as you hang out. Showing others how to make a quarantine birthday special will set them up for preparing a birthday celebration for you or anyone else, so be sure to keep the birthday hype going even while stuck at home. It’ll help your mood and those around you as well.

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