What if this one time, it really was the thought that counted?

A well-written greeting card creates memories that will last a lifetime. Long after the recipient has forgotten the gift, they will remember your lovely card and kind words.

Custom greeting cards are the best way to deliver the message. However, many don't know how to make greeting cards that truly deliver.

Keep reading to discover our quick guide to making unforgettable cards!

Colours That Pop

It's easy to get started making your own greeting cards. In fact, you can create your ecard online today!

The hard part for many is the colour. For example, what colour should you make your background?

One way to play it safe is to build around a central image. Look at the colours featured in the image and choose one of them.

Don't forget the importance of colour psychology. We associate red with love, green with nature, and so on. Match the colour to the message and you're good to go!

Short and Simple

The text of a greeting card is just as important as the art. While the art helps to catch someone's eye, it's the clever or moving words that will really win them over.

However, remember Shakespeare's wisdom when you're writing the card: “brevity is the soul of wit.” Whether you're trying to be funny or profound, you need to do so in just a few lines or you may lose your intended audience.

This Time, It's Personal

Greeting cards from the store are a fun way to celebrate special events. However, they have a very specific downside: they are mass-produced and therefore, not really that special.

When you're making your own greeting cards, it's nice to include more personalized elements. This includes handwritten messages, hand-drawn imagery, and so on.

Every “personal touch” that you add creates an emotional connection with the person you are giving it to.

Humour Sells

Earlier, we talked about the importance of keeping your greeting card text short and simple. Wondering what else can make the message pop? You can never go wrong with humour.

While there is something to be said for emotional cards, most audiences would prefer to have a good laugh. Because of this, humour is something that works for almost every kind of card.

Birthday cards, for instance, are always ripe for humour about someone's age, the number of candles on the cake, etc. And even romantic cards have room for the kinds of teasing that only lovers can get away with.

Get the message and tone “just right” and they'll be laughing about your card many years from now!

Now You Know How to Make Greeting Cards

Now you know how to make greeting cards. And it's easier to write contemporary cards when you're up-to-date on contemporary events.

We bring you the latest in world news, lifestyle news, and even culinary news. To get inspiration for your next greeting card, check out our Things To Do today!

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