Often, music lovers say that music is medicine for the soul. For the kids, learning how to play musical instruments is known to offer many health benefits. Apart from the fun part, kids who are engaged in music are known to perform better academically. Not long ago, a study was conducted at the center of study of Human Development at Brown University concerning the theory. 


According to the report from the study, children who engage in musical performances usually have higher IQ scores as opposed to those who don’t. Learning to play musical instruments helps stimulate the brain functions used to solve math, science, and engineering problems. It’s for this reason that every parent desires to have their young ones learn how to use an instrument or two. Unfortunately, learning how to use these musical instruments can be challenging as it needs time, dedication, concentration, and discipline. 


Without saying much, here are ways on how to make your child get into music, as a parent. 

  1. Be Their Number One Fan

If you went around asking these famous artists what keeps them going, they would all give you the same answer, the fans. Yes, it doesn’t matter the skills they possess, but having people out there who cheer them is what gives them some energy to do even better. When it comes to your kid, it will help much if you also take him or her as an artist when learning to play the instruments. Be there to cheer them and reward them when they show some progress. Also, encourage them to do better if they started showing signs of failure in the learning process. By being your child’s number one fan, you will be surprised at how quickly they are likely to respond to the learning process. 


  1. Pick The Instruments Wisely

Picking the right tool remains one of the most significant procedures when you are dealing with the kids. It’s the best way to ensure that your children get interested in the learning process. Often, music teachers say that piano and guitar are the most straightforward equipment to learn. When making a choice to pick either of the two, many factors must be put into consideration. For instance, the cost and learning time do impact the decision. Learning to play guitar is quite affordable, as the guitar itself is cheaper as opposed to the piano. Besides, learning how to use a guitar takes less time because it’s not complicated as opposed to its competitor. 


However, when you are looking forward to having your kids interested in the instruments, it would help much if you involved them in the selection. This would also help in finding the right fit for your kid. For string instruments like cello, have your kid try the instrument and cello bow and ask if he or she is comfortable playing the instrument with proper posture and position. If not, check for the recommended size that is right for your kid's age and height.  Have the kids test a few tools available before picking the one they find interesting. Remember, children have a little knowledge, and therefore equipment that you find comfortable for you to use may prove difficult for them as a starter. 

  1. Music Lessons

Most parents want their kids to learn how to play instruments, but they have no experience at all with the tools. If this definition matches your story, then you must know that there is something that can still be done. You don’t have to stress over the situation. Today, music lessons are being offered in every corner of the streets. Therefore, you can enroll your young one at one of those legit classes, and see how they progress. One good thing about hiring the services of a music teacher is that they can walk your kid through the whole learning process. Remember, kids can be a nuisance when it comes to learning a new thing, especially. Luckily, the teachers are experienced and are usually patient with the young ones until they accomplish their goals. Besides, learning how to play the instruments alongside their age mates is a form of motivation. In such a setting, you will be surprised at how quickly they will adopt the new skills.  

  1. Pick The Right Songs

The song you play using the instruments also does play a significant role when it comes to developing some love for the tools. Today, classics are the most used songs when learning to play the instruments. But, the truth is that they are not the right genre for everyone. The kids, especially, would want to play some latest chart-popping songs. Therefore, you must take your time to learn your kids' favorite playlist. By going with songs that they seem to enjoy listening to, you are likely to speed up the learning process. 

  1. Get Involved

When was the last time you spent like half an hour listening to what the young one has to showcase? Yes, that little time you spend looking at their latest projects does play a significant role in their learning process. It would be best if you got involved in every step of the way. Apart from being their number one fan, help them accomplish their projects while they stay committed to the practice. It’s recommended that you ask to hear the kind of pieces that they may be working on at the exact moment, and facts about the composer. This kind of support is much needed when it comes to enhancing the learning process. 


Learning how to play instruments is known to offer many health benefits to the participant. For the kids, especially, it helps with improving IQ. It’s for this reason that most parents often insist that their young ones should enroll in music classes. Often, learning how to play the instruments can be challenging for starters. Luckily for you, this article covers five tips you can follow on how to make your child get into music. By reading through the entire piece, you will understand how it’s easy to walk your young one through this vital task.

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