Some people consider vacations to be an expensive affair, and that's a misconception that should be wiped from their brains. People tend to analyze the prices of city restaurants, resorts, and plane tickets, and they jump to the conclusion that vacations are expensive. The truth of the matter is that holidays can be affordable if you open your mind and change your perception. Consider the following tips and trips that will make that vacation more affordable.

   1. Find Affordable Air Transport Means.

There are numerous tricks that you can employ to book affordable air transport. You can pick the cheapest day to travel or even perform a flight search engine and find the cheapest provider. It's always advisable to compare airfare prices on a trusted search engine before your traveling day; the savings that you will make will surprise you. You might not know this, but private jets can also be a cheaper option. Traveling experts at often advise travelers to consider chartering a private plane considering that it would be economical as opposed to maintaining a personal aircraft. With private jets, you can have discounted options such as shared leg flights and empty leg flights.


Also, you might want to avoid traveling during the summer considering that it's the peak season and the ticket prices often soar during this time. Instead, pick a time when ticket prices are a bit cheaper. Traveling on certain days of the week could also be economical; therefore, choosing the right days to fly will save on travel costs.

  2. Pick Affordable Accommodations

Hotels can prove to be expensive during your vacation; therefore, you should consider the cost before making any reservations. Avoid big hotel names and all-inclusive resorts, but instead, pick an economical reservation that will save you tons of money. You can have a one-night splurge in one of the expensive resorts, but don't make this a trend. There are numerous beautiful and affordable accommodation services that you can select; do a thorough search and find cheaper services.

  3. Find Affordable Activities

The activities that you indulge during the vacation could have a significant impact on your finances. Therefore, you should consider cheap activities such as free walking tours while on vacation. The fun doesn't have to involve splashing cash; you could sit at a park and feed some pigeons or consider other cheap alternatives.

  4. Earning Some Extra Cash When Traveling

Your vacation could be affordable if you earned some money when on the trip. The extra cash could determine how long you will last in your destination if you are planning to have an extended vacation. Consider teaching English while on vacation or even find a simple job to do. Numerous online sites pay one to teach foreign languages, post your resume on one of these sites, and apply for a freelance project that you can work on whenever you are free.

  5. Make Some Savings Before the Vacation

Having an affordable trip also involves making some savings before the start of the journey. Make some savings on your monthly expenses and create a travel savings account. Upon saving enough money for the vacation, download a simple application that will monitor your costs and will help you save money during the trip.

  6. Pick a Small Group to Travel

Traveling with a large group can be disastrous; therefore, pick a small group to accompany you. With fewer people, you will have fewer expenses; thus, you will save more.

  7. Pick Cheaper Travelling Destinations.

Consider the country that you wish to travel on vacation; a city such as London will suck up all your money while Vietnam might be a cheaper destination. Traveling for longer and saving money should be your priority; therefore, look for low-cost countries where you can spend time as a king.

  8. Travel Frugally

If you plan on staying longer or enjoying the vacation without spending too much money, you must consider traveling frugally. Consider having a walk or taking the local transport instead of being driven around with a taxi. Purchase things from the local grocery instead of that fancy restaurant. Act like a regular resident instead of a tourist when you are on vacation.


Vacations can be cheap, provided that you take the necessary measures. Some people believe that holidays are only meant for the wealthy, but with the above tips, you can have an affordable trip around the world. Consider employing any of the above tips and save more the next time you plan on having a vacation.

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