How to Obtain Naturally Flawless and Healthy Skin
Finding a way to attain stunning, radiant skin, and stick to all-natural solutions at the same time can seem like an impossible challenge. There are plenty of products out there that claim to give you the radiance you're searching for, but most of them force you to compromise by clogging your pores with harsh chemicals and additives.
Fortunately, there are some natural ways to look after your glow, and keep your skin looking bright and healthy, with the gentlest possible remedies.
Stay away from anything “Heavy Duty”
Your skin doesn't need to be scrubbed raw to ensure its squeaky clean, as much as exfoliating your pores to within an inch of their lives might seem like a prudent idea. Try to go softer and avoid over-doing it by using mild cleansers, gels, foams, and milks. If you have an opportunity, take the time to scan through the products listed on the ingredients level to find out whether your chosen product contains plant-derived gentle surfactants.
Farewell to Fragrance
Fragrance-enhanced products are one of the most common sources of skin-care related allergic breakouts. If you already have very sensitive skin, then it's a terrific idea to avoid fragrance altogether and press the button for products that have been labeled “fragrance-free”. Bear in mind that the products that are marked as “unscented” will generally contain small portions of fragrance to mask the scent of active ingredients.
Naturally Remove Skin Tags
Skin tags are the small brown or flesh-colored growths that seem to hang off the skin and look slightly like warts. They are very common and totally harmless, but that doesn't mean we want to be plagued by them on a daily basis. Before you open the window for a more dramatic solution, try using a skin tag remover that rectifies the problem without any scarring, pain, or danger. However, if your skin tag is severe, or is a major cosmetic concern, it’s best to get an appropriate skin tag treatment from a trained professional.

Press the Button for Moisturizers that Multitask
Everyone loves a poignant day cream, but the best one should always be capable of holding down two jobs at the same time – protection and hydration. Try to select a moisturizer that has plant-based additives such as natural butters, oils, and essential fatty acids, as these can often penetrate the skin more effectively than man-made emollients. It can be a wonderful idea to scan the label for natural antioxidants too, as these can help to revitalize your skin.
Make sure that You Stay PH Balanced
If you choose acid-based cleansers to exfoliate, remove makeup or rid your skin of spots, make sure that their pH balance is in sync with your skin, so that sebum is gently removed without stripping any natural oils. The right products should be easy enough to find, simply search for the words “pH-balanced” on any cleansers that have been packed with lactic or glycolic acids. The lower the pH is, the more likely you are to suffer from dry skin.
Toss the Toner
Once upon a time, toners were created in an effort to restore the natural pH balance of your skin after you had washed it with alkaline based soap. However, if you're using a cleanser that's already pH balanced, you don't need a toner too – this only serves to dry out your skin.

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