Yes, a  painted deck is beautiful for sure but it could become a serious issue. Unlike the wood siding, the handrails, the fences, the retaining walls, and all the other structures that expose many structures. Most of the surfaces may not be-be easy to access and they also cannot be protected all the time, which makes it a lot harder to get a waterproof membrane. That is why we think it is so important to get your decks painted the right way. In today’s post, we are going to enlist some of the best ways you can paint your decks. There are many important steps to do before applying white ceiling paint that lasts to your deck. As Bill Allen, a tool expert from OccupyTheFarm stated, painting your ceiling should also be enjoyable, and you should step back, knowing that you’ve done the best job you can.” Make sure to follow our suggestions below.



  • Sweep the decks first



The first thing you should do is sweep the deck completely. Get rid of all the outdoor furniture or if there are any planters or tools right on the deck. You can put all of these items inside a garden or shed the garage and make it a space for your temporary storage. You can sweep the deck using a broom in order to remove debris and dirt.  Deck Maintenance is the only way to keep your deck looking brand new. 



  1. Wash the deck


In order to wash the deck in a correct manner, you have to power wash it. Get hold of a power washer from the local store or you could also plan one and use it for other maintenance projects needed at home. You could ask your salesperson that is there at the hardware store and uses it safely or maybe for some guidance. Power washing the deck all the way makes it super clean and gets rid of all the debris.


Note: If all the deck has a little bit of debris or maybe you don’t have a good power washer, you can hand wash the deck with the help of a mild cleanser such as water, soap and a good scrub. Apply the cleanser and use it to scrub the desk with some brushes. It will remove the debris and dirt. You can use it for a long time. It will have horizontal strokes and will work better and at the same time rinse any leftover soap with the water.


  1. Get a mold deterrent


You can also apply a mold deterrent if mold worries you so much. If you can notice that your deck is prone to mildew or if the deck is absolutely low into the ground, you could definitely get rid of all the pests using a mold deterrent. Next, use a brush and clean the room using a deterrent. Rinse any of deterrents that are left and scrub it on the deck with a big bucket of water.

4. Allow it to dry overnight

Next, you have to ensure that the deck is fully dry before you sand and scrape it. If it happens to be a really sunny day, it could be dry for a couple of hours. In order to stay safe, allow it to dry for the night. Ensure that the deck is dry before you sand and scrape it. If the day is really sunny, it could even dry for a few hours. If you want to be safe, you have to allow it to dry for the night.


  1. Get hold of a paint scraper


A paint scraper can be useful in many ways. This will get rid of any paint that could be left on the desk. You can run the paint over all the areas that are peeling paint or are maybe peeling. You could scrape the paint off and reveal the wood that is underneath. Use the scraper inside and then use the paint to simply remove it. The best way to find the paint scraper for your business is a store online.


  1. Use sandpaper


In order to smooth the wood out, you can use some sandpaper. You can rub the sandpaper over the rough edges or the spots on wood in order to remove all the paint. You dont have to press way too hard all over the wood as you can rub it with the help of sandpaper. If you aren't keen on sanding down the wood, that is alright. You can simply smooth it out by applying the paint. This makes things easier.


  1. Check all the rough spots


Next, you should check all the rough spots or even the sanding marks with the help of sanding marks. You don’t have to press down or hard on the wood. Rubbing over any of the rough spots will make sure the word is very smooth and can be used for painting. Another thing you could do is clean the deck with the help of a leaf blower.


Small tips to remember


And before we end the post, here are some small points you should always remember when it comes to painting your deck the best way. Also, you can always check for the best deck paint on


  1. Ensure that the whole surface is fully clean and that the wood is dry. You could go to all the extremes in order to clean up the wood, use pressure washing, scrubbing with detergent.
  2. Get rid of all the nails that are loose and replace them with ones that are much bigger in size.
  3. The nail looks like a newer grip, wood that is loosened and is held in place firmly. Use the nail punch and the hammer to countersink them.
  4. Next, with the help of a pin, you could use a skinny tipped nail punch and that would definitely make things look better.
  5. Use putty that is of high quality and fill the other holes using it. When you apply them, remove everything that is there in excess to help it stand to a minimum.
  6. Use high-quality polyurethane on all the other joints. You could prime the other areas that have puttied spots and a nice primer alongside.
  7. Finish the decks with a nice oil finish. Some acrylic paint is a good option.


So these are some of the basic tips you should follow when it comes to painting the deck the right way. Make sure to use all of them to make the most of it.






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