Vacations are a getaway from the mundane tasks of daily life. Everyone deserves a while off from their insanely fast-paced work lives. Even stay-at-home mothers need to rest from their daily house chores. Vacations are a great way to do just that. 


However, the worry that your home might not be safe while you are partying in a distant place is still a thought that sends chills down many spines. This is especially relatable if you have food stored away in your home, and want to protect it from pests like ants, rats, spiders, and so on. Well, worry not.


In this article, we’ll be discussing a few methods you could use to pest-proof your home and enjoy your deserved quality time.


A Clean Home Is A Pest-Free Home


This goes without saying but if you are planning on leaving your home for a week or two, make sure it is sparkly cleaned before you leave. This gives you two advantages. One, you do not have to worry about pests coming for the leftovers in the kitchen sink or the dining table. Two, you return to a clean, pretty home, and it helps brighten the mood and help you smoothly transition back from your vacation period into your daily life.

So make sure you clean all of your rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens without leaving a trace for your nemesis pests to capitalize on. You can learn how to get rid of spiders, fleas, and many other irritating pests on the PestWiki website.


Leftovers Are An Open Invitation


Whatever you do, never ever let leftovers stay in your home for more than a day. Get them in the trash and out of your home straight into the garbage bin as soon as its physically possible. And if you’re leaving on vacation, there can absolutely be no leftovers. Even if they sit in the fridge, they can go stale all too soon. Plus, leftovers are an open invitation to ants and rodents to invade your palace. 

If in case you already have these rude guests at your home before you leave on your vacations, set up traps to get rid of them. You can buy an ant trap online, as is the case for rats traps, spider killers and so on.


Getting rid of these pests is just the first step. You need to keep them from entering your home again. Do this by setting up traps outside your home as well, and cleaning any present leftovers that may attract them.


The Itsy-Bitsy Spider


We all remember the childhood rhyme where the spider climbs up the water spout. We laughed it off because it could not possibly be true, right? Well, turns out spiders love making a flashy entrance through pipeline leaks and drainage lines.

Make sure you leave no leaks in your home before leaving because spiders tend to bring with them a lot more spiders (we’re talking hundreds of those tiny creatures). So it is better to lay out a few spider killing traps and devices and making sure there are no leaks in the water pipes or have standing water – this brings with it the problem of mosquitoes.


What About Roaches?


Cockroaches are a serious problem. They survive on leftovers and are almost impossible to dispose of alive. Roaches tend to prefer dry, dark conditions to thrive in. Be sure to not let such a place exist for these vicious creatures.

Set up roach traps and get rid of any cardboard boxes you may have sacked up in the attic.


Don’t Let The Mice In


Seal shut any and all cracks, opening, and crevices that can be big enough to let the smallest of mice inside your home and ruin its sanctity. Set up mice traps outside and inside your home in places you suspect the mice may live and breed.

You can get more information about how to set up traps to catch all of these pests and get rid of more on the PestWiki website.


Technology Is Your Friend

Make use of motion detector lights to automatically turn on your lights during night times. The advantages, again, are two-fold. One, you can keep your home away from thieves and break-ins. The other is that pests are attracted to light. Having your porch lights on can direct your pests towards the traps, luring them into their demise. 


Perform A Quick Spray


Use pest control services to conduct a thorough checkup of your home before you lock the doors. Call professional pest controllers if you have to. If there is a need to get your house sprayed with disinfectant, do so immediately and diligently. Look upon all the different pest control methods on the PestWiki website.


Remember, pest control is a very serious task, and must be treated the same way. Have professionals take care of your home, and identify any and all pests that can eat away your home piece by piece while you are out having the time of your lives partying in the Bahamas.


Hire Professionals While You’re Away


It does not just suffice to take care of your home before you leave, you need to keep track of your home even while you are on vacation. This doe not mean you need to personally check on your home every single day. 

Hire help to keep looking out for any problems with the home. Maybe give your keys to a friend or family member when you leave, or hire someone to make regular trips to your home and check for everything, including making sure the home is not broken into.


Plus, it helps to know your house is in safe hands and you can lean into your pillow a bit more in your vacation home.

We hope you found this article helpful. Remember, it is really important to set up traps to keep pests away. For instance, you can buy an ant trap or hire professional help to get rids of these nuisances while you’re away.


If you insist on doing things yourself, read more on PestWiki on how to get rid of these rude guests and have a peaceful vacation from not having to worry about your house being invaded ever again.






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