Your dentist is a medical professional in whom you'll be placing a huge amount of trust. Their success or failure could impact your day-to-day life in profound ways. Should you receive substandard treatment, you can resort to legal action via a dental negligence claim. However, it’s better to anticipate this danger than to deal with it after the fact. 

But by what criteria should you judge your dentist? Let’s take a look.


For the most part, will want a dentist that's within reach. A dentist can only look after your teeth effectively if you’re able to attend regular check-ups. Choose somewhere nearby, and make sure that the opening hours suit your lifestyle. Residents of Horsforth can use the Horsforth Smile Clinic for their dental problems

If you have a family, check whether your dentist accepts family bookings. Having all your children seen at the same time is far, far, preferable to making separate bookings and separate trips every few months.  What’s more, it makes it much easier for you to keep track of your family’s dental appointments; which can get tricky if you have a lot of kids and dental treatments to keep up with. Be sure to also do ample research on the type of dentists available within your vicinity. For instance, you can get your orthodontic treatments in Hampton from reputable dentists as well as dental implants should you need them.


Is your dentist suitably qualified? In the UK, all dentists must be registered with the General Dental Council before they're allowed to legally practice. But as well as individual clinicians, the practice as a whole must also be registered – with a different body called the Care Quality Commission

When vetting a would-be dentist, check the websites of both organisations to ensure that both your dentist and the practice are listed. This will not only provide significant peace of mind; it will also help you to appreciate the standard of care you should expect. 

Dentistry is a highly skilled profession, and one which requires extensive training. Your dentist will need to have completed a bachelor's degree in dental surgery, as well as five years of undergraduate training. If you have special requirements, then you might want to look for a dentist who has additional qualifications that will suit them. 


You should also consider the physical qualities of the practice itself, as these might provide an indication of the quality of the service. Like any other facility where medical care is dispensed, a dental practice should be kept clean and tidy. It should also provide patients with a welcoming atmosphere. The staff should be approachable and comfortable answering any questions you might have. The absence of this environment should be considered a mark against the practice as a whole, and an indication that you should look elsewhere. To find the best dentist  search, where you will get all of the help you need. 

Special Services

As we’ve briefly mentioned, some patients will require services that go beyond the routine dental care. Included amongst these extra services might be cosmetic treatments, as well as emergency dentistry. Knowing in advance that your dentist can provide in an emergency makes dealing with those emergencies simpler. 


Finally, you should look for testimony from other patients who have attended the practice and receive treatment. By doing so, you might uncover warning signs that might otherwise have gone undetected.

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