There is nothing worse than an infestation of pests to make us feel uncomfortable in our own homes. The first time you spot a critter, you may try to convince yourself that it is the only one, but unfortunately where there is one, there are almost always others hiding out of sight. While the thought of household may give us the heebie jeebies, the reality is that most homes will at some point attract unwanted squatters. and you will have to call pest control management Bribie Island has. If you live elsewhere, you can check online for a pest control specialist near you.  There are various creatures that can invade our homes but by following the right steps, it is possible to totally eradicate them. Here are the three most common household pests and how to prevent an infestation




  • Bed bugs



We usually associate bed bugs with cheap hotels and bad housekeeping, but in fact  bed bug inspections are becoming an increasingly common problem in many people’s homes. It is a misconception that bed bugs are attracted to dirty places and you can find bed bugs in even the most sparkling homes. The problem with bed bugs is that they can easily sneak into your home undetected. Bed bugs feed off human blood which is why the little vampires like to hide in your bed sheets and wait until you fall asleep so they can feast undisturbed. Bed bug bites are painless so you probably won’t even know you’ve been bitten until the bites start itching later on. The folks at Pest Resources told us that bed bugs may enter your home through luggage, clothing, or used beds and couches and because they are so tiny, they can be impossible to see. Bed bugs can stow away in your luggage at your hotel or hide in wait on plane or train seats. To prevent a bed bug infestation in your home, make sure to vacuum out your suitcase when you get home after a vacation. If you are particularly concerned, keep your luggage sealed inside a plastic bag during your hotel stay.




  • Cockroaches



Cockroaches are perhaps the most hated of all household pests and once a cockroach colony has established itself, it can be very difficult to get rid of it. There are about 30 types of cockroaches which inhabit our homes and unlike bed bugs, thorough cleaning is important to prevent an infestation. This is not to say that cockroaches are attracted to unhygienic places, what draws them is traces of food that have not been cleaned up properly. Cockroaches are like the rats of the insect world and will hone in on even the tiniest traces of food. Even though your kitchen may look clean, crumbs underneath the refrigerator, or dishes in the sink that are waiting to be washed, can be enough to attract cockroaches. Once they are in your home, cockroaches can breed at a frightening rate, and just one or two can very quickly become an entire colony. The chances are if you see a cockroach, especially in the daytime, there are already many more in your home that are hiding until nightfall. Professional extermination is often the only solution at this point, so prevention is absolutely vital. Keep your house absolutely spotless, clear away any food waste immediately and make sure to wash dishes straight away.



  • Ants


Ants, unlike bed bugs, do not really pose any threat to our health, and to most people are far less repulsive than cockroaches, but they can still be a major irritation. As with cockroaches, once ants have established a nest, expelling a colony from your home can be really difficult. Ants are also attracted by food, and once they have identified your home as a food source, they will keep coming back. Make sure you take the same preventative measures as you need to take to avoid cockroach infestations. Keep your kitchen clean and make sure there are no traces of food anywhere. Unlike cockroaches who will build their nests in some secret nook or cranny inside your home, ants’ nests will typically be somewhere outside, so follow a trail of ants to see where they are getting in and block up the holes. After that, there are many treatments and poisons available that can be laid. Ant poison acts slowly which gives the worker ants time to take it back to the nest and poison the queen and the rest of the colony.





Whilst the thought of household pests can make our skin crawl, most household pests actually pose very little threat to us. As long as good cleaning practices are maintained and we take the correct steps to ensure that we don’t bring any unwanted guests home with us, we can make sure that our homes remain infestation free. 


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