How to Prevent Indoor Air Allergies: 5 Important Tips

It is understandable how miserable it is for the house owners to deal with pet, mold, dust, or pollen allergies inside the house. By breathing the contaminated air, you will suffer from severe health issues like sneezing, runny nose, coughing, itchy eyes, breathing difficulty, chest pain, etc. So, there is no alternative to maintaining a healthy air quality inside the house to reduce the symptoms you have experienced.

5 Tips to Prevent Indoor Air Allergies 

Proper Cleaning Schedule

You can't entirely remove the air contaminants from your house, but you can do to reduce the amount by ensuring a weekly cleaning routine for the entire house. A vacuum cleaner or a high-efficiency particulate air filter can be a great tool to clean your house easily. You should remove the dust from the floor and water-damaged carpeting. For flooring surfaces, it is better to use vinyl or linoleum flooring. 

You should also check the ceiling to see whether there is any dust jammed. If you are already suffering from allergic issues, don't ignore the importance of wearing a mask and hand gloves while doing household work. 

Clean Or Replace the Furnace Filter

You should always remember that cleaning or replacing to remove small particles is highly suggested to prevent indoor air allergies. Replace the equipment of your central heating and cooling systems and room's air conditioner at least once or twice a month. Wear a protective mask while cleaning the furnace filter of your home. 

Do you know how many allergens are caught in the air ducts? Using a high-efficiency furnace filter is incredibly effective in preventing indoor allergens. Remember to change your furnace filter frequently. The accurate time to change the filter depends on the quality of the furnace filter for your system. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation Process

You can control indoor air allergens by ventilating correctly. Proper ventilation works nicely to prevent dirty air from contaminating your house. It will also allow the indoor air allergens out of the house, such as pet dander, mold, dust, pollen, etc. To keep your loved ones healthy and secure, count on a proper ventilation process. Let the fresh air get into the house to keep it free from feeling muggy during summer.

Humidity Level: 

Humidity should be kept low; for that, try to keep the humidity level within 50 percent. It will help if you use a dehumidifier to reduce the dampness of the air. Don't forget to clean this equipment once a week; otherwise, it won't work effectively as the days pass. You can use old clothes to clean other surfaces like windowsills, walls, top of the doors, or window frames. 

Avoid Pet Dander as Much as Possible

Many house owners are unaware that during winter, the number of indoor air allergies increases considerably. The reason is that pets spend most of their time inside the house during this season. As a result, allergens are found in the saliva of the pets. Dander of pets like cats, dogs, or bunny causes allergic issues to the family members. So, to solve the issue, you should bathe your pets once or twice a week. It will reduce the amount of dander roaming inside your house. Pets tend to sit more on the beds or carpets. So, wash the beds or carpets they sit on and the toys they play with frequently. 

Call A Professional to Make the Procedures Effective 

You can solve the problem by following the given tips properly. However, if you are facing problems regarding allergens newly and can't solve the issue by yourself, talk to a residential air filters, like Custom Filters Direct. This company expert will help you customize air filters for your home and remove allergy-triggering things in the best possible ways. 


Don't let anything in the house pollute the indoor air. You can also use some environmental control products to reduce the number of allergens in your home. Follow this article's five most essential tips to enjoy an allergen-free abode.

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