How To Prevent Your Home From Flooding


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It seems that the saying ‘it never rains but it pours’ is more true today than ever. Record rainfall and associated flooding is big news. While there might be very little you can do if your home gets overwhelmed, there are definite ways that you can reduce this risk. This is particularly true if your backyard has a tendency to become waterlogged after even a short rainstorm. Here are some tips to prevent any water reaching your home and basement.


Roof and guttering


The maintenance of these should be on the list of your repair jobs. If you haven’t been out there for a while, now could be a good time. Grab your ladders and carefully take a look at the roof of your house. You’ll be looking for any tiles that are loose or cracked. These will cause you trouble further down the line in terms of a roof leak, so they need to be attended to. The main area of concern though is the free flow and condition of your guttering. A lot of water comes off the roof during a rainstorm in a very short space of time. If it has nowhere to go it will simply run down the walls, possibly putting your foundations and basement at risk from flooding.


Clear and clean out your guttering and make sure it is in good order. Sections that are broken or warped need to be replaced. Make sure the joints are watertight and that corners are strong and supported. You can use a pressure washer to clean. You need to check that all the downpipes are working by running a hosepipe to ensure that water is being drained.




At the base of the pipes check that water is being directed away from the house. Ideally rainwater should not be entering the sewage system, but that is not always the case. This can lead to sewage pipes not being able to cope in the event of a storm. This can be a cause of basement flooding. Such flooding is not a DIY clean up job. Make sure you call a professional company such as Restoration eze in the event of any flooding. They will be able to dry your property out and give you the best advice.


However, if water is pooling in your backyard, you have a problem that you can deal with. Water will find a way to go anywhere it needs to, and if your house is in the way, it may get flooded. Add topsoil to low-lying areas to even the distribution and run off. Aerate your ground as much as possible by digging in organic matter.


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If the problem persists you might need to install a French drain. This is essentially a trench that will carry the water away. It is quite a simple project if a bit of hard work. Essentially you will dig a trench about eighteen inches by fourteen through the area and line it with gravel. On top of this goes a perforated pipe wrapped in a sock to prevent it clogging up. Stone is used to cover the pipe, and then topsoil can be added. Such a system can be very effective in keeping water away from your property and ensure that you and your home stays dry and safe.


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