The holiday season is here. Do you know what you're getting for your friends and family members?

CBD is hot right now, and you may have someone in your life who would appreciate CBD gift boxes this year. But what do you put into it? If you're not a big CBD user yourself, you might be lost when it comes to buying CBD gifts for someone else. If your a big fan of CBD energy drink, then look no further. 

There are so many options, so don’t worry. You’ll have the perfect gift set ready in no time if you follow our gift guide. Keep reading to learn how to put together the perfect CBD gift sets for the CBD lovers in your life. For more info on what to select, you can check out sites like to learn which vapes, whether they're CBD or THC, would be best as a gift!

Make Sure You Know What's Right for The Giftee,

People use CBD for different reasons. Why does the giftee use CBD in the first place? Do they use it at all, or is this a suggestion from you? CBD massage candles are great when you're getting that much-needed massage.

If someone is using CBD for anxiety they may prefer certain methods that those who use CBD for aches and pains have no interest in. Someone who doesn't smoke may not want CBD flower or even a CBD vape pen. They might prefer edibles or topicals. 

Make sure that you know what the person will benefit from. Remember, the gift is for them, not for you. You might love certain products but that doesn't mean that they will!

Include Things They Love

Don't be afraid to ask the giftee (or their friends) for suggestions. Sometimes there's nothing better than opening a gift basket and finding it full of your favorite things, even if that takes away some of the surprise factor.

Once you know what they love, try getting it in a few different varieties. CBD can be expensive and you want the CBD gift set to be special. They might not get anything new and exciting when you start with their favorite items, but you will give them the gift of saving money next time they're in need of their CBD.

Learning what they love will also help you learn what to throw in as surprises. 

Include Things They've Never Tried

Even the person who's tried everything has likely missed a few things, especially because new products come out all the time.

Do you have friends that think they're above fancy CBD bath bombs? Grab a few and see how they feel. 

Do you know people that don't trust CBD edibles? Make sure to check the CBD content on the packages, but then throw a few into the basket for them to try. 

When you give gifts that the giftee isn't used to you risk them not liking them. That said, you also give them the opportunity to try new things without spending money on them. That alone is a great gift.

Include a Wide Range of Things

If you're giving this to someone relatively new to CBD, or if you're giving it to someone who's tried everything, it's important to give them a wide range of things. Not only will newbies get to find what works for them, but CBD pros will get everything that they're into in one gift-wrapped package. 

There are several different kinds of CBD products available on the market, but the most common ones should be available in some capacity at most CBD retailers. Shop around to create the perfect diverse gift basket.


CBD oil is a basic beginner CBD product, but it's also popular for those who use CBD frequently. It's easy to use and measure, it's discrete, and it works quickly when used under the tongue (or sublingually.) 

It can be included in drinks or snacks, though you may have more success with tinctures if you're trying to bake or brew a home-made edible for the giftee. If you know that your giftee is going through pain, or has chronic issues, you can use some cbd oil for pain, which would probably provide some relief to them.

CBD oil may not be flashy, but it is reliable and it'll be appreciated in any CBD gift set.

CBD Flower

CBD flower isn't as popular as CBD oil, but if you know that your giftee is a smoker, it's a perfect addition to their holiday gift.

CBD flower is smoked in a similar way to tobacco or marijuana, making it popular for those who consume either of the two. It's an easy transition.

It goes into the body quickly so it starts to take effect right away. Including a few varieties is a good idea.

CBD Vape Products

For those who aren't fans of CBD flower, CBD vape products are great. They have all of the benefits of the quick release of CBD into the body without the harshness on the lungs. What's not to love?

Cartridges also come in different varieties, so be sure to grab a few. Bonus: get your giftee a nice vape pen for a special holiday treat.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles may be our favorites for CBD gift sets. Who doesn't love a snack?

They're great for the holidays. They come in the form of baked goods, hot teas, mixed drinks, candy, CBD chewables, sodas, and more. There's something for every taste.

While CBD edibles don't have the quick release of some other CBD products, they do last longer. They're great for people who are going out and about after ingesting them and won't be able to grab more CBD for a few hours. 

Wrap your CBD in a tasty treat.

CBD Topical Products

Topical products are another one of our favorites for a perfect CBD gift basket. There's such a wide variety and they have several uses.

Topical CBD products are best for those who experience frequent aches and pains. While ingesting CBD may be best for people with chronic pain, people with sore muscles, sunburn, or achy joints will love these.

When it comes to giving gifts, we suggest nice smelling CBD lotions. Not only will the giftee get the benefit of pain relief and skin-softening, but they'll also get a soothing scent. 

Another popular product is the CBD bath bomb. These are harder to find, but they're perfect for a relaxing DIY spa day. They're often infused with oils and relaxing salts so that your giftee can melt their troubles away in a hot bath.

Throwing a few of these products into the gift basket will be sure to please.

Add In Some Extras 

Your CBD gift set doesn't have to only include CBD. Throw in a few extra things to make the set really special.

We already mentioned vape pens. They come in several types and some have different settings. Some are more subtle than others. Nice ones tend to last longer and have more temperature control, so if you're looking into them, do your research.

If you're getting CBD edibles, why not include a cute candy box or a mug to put their CBD drinks in? There are plenty of fun additions you can add to a holiday gift basket to make it complete.

Make It Cute and Decorative

It's tempting to just throw a bunch of CBD products in a box, wrap it, and call it a day. You can do that if you want, but why not make the gift special with some flair? 

Learning how to wrap gifts isn't hard and there are plenty of fun tutorials online. The wrapping never matters as much as the gift (and the gift doesn't matter as much as the thought behind it) but if you want something that looks special under the tree, make it sparkle. 

When All Else Fails: Gift Cards

Does your gift set feel a little small? Are you looking to find more products for your loved one, but you can't think of anything else? Maybe the perfect gift is out there but you don't quite know what it is.

This is where gift cards come in. Many online CBD retailers have gift card options for this reason. CBD consumption is personal, and some people are particular about it. 

While you should still put some effort into the CBD gift set, there's no shame in throwing a few dollars on a gift card (or digital gift card) in there to make sure that the giftee gets exactly what they're looking for this holiday season. They'll thank you for it. 

What's Going In Your CBD Gift Set?

So what kind of CBD gifts are right for this year's CBD gift set? There are so many options, and each option has so many varieties! It's going to be hard to choose.

If you know the giftee well and you're willing to put the research in, you'll have no problem. Holiday shopping is supposed to be fun, not stressful. No matter what you get, we're sure they'll love it. 

For more posts on CBD and more, check out the rest of our site!

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