Anxiety comes in all different shapes and sizes depending on each person so you need to figure out the best methods that work for handling your anxiety.

There are many different methods you can use to help calm yourself down when you’re feeling anxious; Rolling Paper offers a useful guide to fighting anxiety using natural methods. You should try many different ways until you find out a good method for you and your anxiety.

Keep reading for ten tips on how to quell anxiety and relieve your symptoms.


  1. Take a Deep Breath

Whenever you're starting to feel an intense amount of anxiety coming on or even a panic attack try to take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath and counting to four is a great way to try to get your brain and anxiety to calm down. 

Breathing deeply from your diaphragm is a great way to reduce anxiety because it automatically triggers your body to relax. One thing that you can do is learn breathing techniques and experiment with them. You could figure out which breathing exercise works the best for you when you're feeling anxious.  

  1. Talk With Someone

One thing that can help many people when they're feeling anxious is to reach out to a significant other, family, or friend who understands what you're feeling. Talk with your friends and family about your anxiety because they may also be suffering from the same thing as you. 

Once you find your person to talk to make sure that you're confident you can reach out to them whenever you need it. Sometimes a simple phone call or text message to someone you love and trust can help you calm down. 

  1. 3-3-3 Rule

Another way to help calm yourself down when you're feeling anxious is to use the 3-3-3 rule. This rule helps you ground yourself so you start focusing on something that isn't your anxiety. 

First, you will name three things that you can see around you. Then you will name three things that you can hear. Finally, you will name three parts on your body that move such as your fingers, elbow, and toes. This is a great way to help center and clear your mind when you're feeling really anxious. 

  1. Don't Drink Caffeine and Alcohol

One way that can help you to keep your anxiety under control is by avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine is known to affect anxiety in negative ways so you should try not to drink it. If you drink lots of coffee, then it may benefit you to try to stop. 

Alcohol is also a very negative factor when it comes to your anxiety. Sometimes you may feel that alcohol could help you relax but really it does the opposite. Alcohol changes the chemicals in your brain and you may even begin to feel even more anxious as the effects of the alcohol wear off. 

  1. CBD Oil

Something that you've probably heard people rave about to help calm your anxiety is CBD oil. CBD oil is awesome because there are many different ways that you can take is such as by ingesting it or taking it topically. This helps to reduce the stress and anxiety that you're feeling which can work to calm you down.  

CBD oils start working overtime and you may not notice immediate effects the first time you start using it. You will also need to figure out the correct dose of CBD oil that you should be taking. Gradually increasing the dose is the best way to see what will work for you and your anxiety. 

  1. Try to Exercise

Whenever you're feeling particularly anxious, then exercise could be a great way to help you calm down. If you can't make it to the gym, walking is a great way to help relieve some of that pent up anxiety you might be feeling.

Taking a walk around the block is also a great way to clear your mind and help to find peace in your mind. The fresh air from the outdoors can do your brain, mind, and body some good. Sometimes if you're stuck in the city, then you might need to venture out into a nature-filled area to get away from it all for a little bit. 

  1. Alone Time 

Sometimes you might be anxious from work, school, or just being around a lot of people. Try to find some time throughout the day to be alone. This can help you recharge your batteries as well as calm you down if you've been feeling anxious. 

This is a great time to go to the gym, get groceries, or even just lock yourself in your room with a good book or television show. You should be conscious of yourself when you need alone time to help calm your mind.  

  1. Drink More Water

Whether you're an avid water drinker or not, everyone could use a bit more water especially when you're feeling anxious. Dehydration is not good for your body and can cause heart palpitations which can bring on a panic attack. 

Drinking a large glass of cold water is a great way for you to take a minute to relax and calm your mind. Plus it will help you from feeling dehydrated. 

  1. Write About It

Another great way to deal with your anxiety is to figure out what is really making you anxious and ways to solve it. Writing about what you're experiencing is a good way to deal with your anxiety and get all of your emotions and feelings out. 

Sometimes when you write about what you're experiencing you might even realize that it isn't so bad after all. Take the time to write about what you're feeling when you're anxious. 

  1. Turn Off Your Phone

Sometimes the thing that triggers our anxiety is something that we carry around all day which is our cellphones. Turn your phone off for a bit of time so you don't have to be plugged in 24/7. When you turn off your phone you should make sure that you go and do something else that can help you completely relax. 

How to Quell Anxiety and Get Some Relief

When it comes to figuring out how to quell anxiety and relieve your symptoms there are many different tips and tricks that you can do. You should take some time to figure out the best methods for you so you can remember to do them right away in the future. 

If you're looking for other ways to help yourself feel better, then make sure to check out our blog for lots of great advice. 

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