It is common knowledge that the largest organ in the body is the skin and it is only right to take good care of it. In our world today, no one wants to look old more than what they should. Everyone wants to maintain that sparkling youthful beauty, the same one they had in their early 20s even at 70 years of age. It's not a crime to look younger than your age, but it's definitely not something that will come by without any deliberate effort from you. 


Traditionally, we are getting used to the temporal technology of face surgery, but because of the recorded complications, more and more people prefer to go the route of using natural beauty products. Some of these products are made from the formerly unknown, but now increasingly popular plant Pueraria Mirifica. It is a plant native to Thailand and other parts of East Asia, but now it is being used for beauty products all over the world. According to the creators of Mirifica Science, this single plant has been underutilized in the past and is only gaining recognition now because of its irrefutable benefits that are now being reaped by the cosmetics industry today. Additionally, natural beauty products are far more effective than any of the other artificial compounds. 


Aside from using beauty products, this article is to let you know just how possible it is for you to achieve that youthful look without having to go under the knife

1. Protect yourself from the sun 

Have you realized that when you are in your home or a place that is devoid of direct sunlight, you tend to relax your face more? This is because the skin is built up in such a way that it naturally fights against direct sunlight by folding up subconsciously. How about making a deliberate decision to always avoid the direct effect of the scorching sun on your skin by applying sunscreen with an SPF for a period of at least 30 minutes before you expose yourself to the sun rays? You can do that. You should, however, note that the solution should be applied on the part of the body which is not covered by clothes. 

2. Eliminate all forms of stress 

Whe do is to replace the overreaction method with a more calm and relaxed method such as breathing in and out slowly. This will save yourself some wrinkles appearing on your face.  

3. Stop Smoking, If You Do 

A lot of research has proven that smokers tend to have a more wrinkled face and skin than those who do not engage in smoking. Smoking makes the flesh sag; it creates a bit of excess flesh in humans. Since smoking is a habit, it can be stopped. If you want to keep looking younger than your age, then kill this habit. Apart from damages to the skin, smoking has other dangerous health risks. So it’s a win-win if you can quit smoking


4. Drink water; a lot. 

Dehydration is terrible. The effects are bad and one of them is that it tells negatively on the skin. You should not drink water only when you are thirsty, this could lead to dehydration. Drink water as much as you can; your body system needs it to fight off wrinkles and those lines on your face or body. Ideally, you should have a water bottle handy so that you can drink from it any time. 

5. Eat Vegetables and fruits

Vegetarians are known to have good and enviable skin because of what they consume. Make it a point to eat vegetables every day. It will improve your skin tone and make you glow even in your old age.

6. Exercise regularly and sleep well. 

Regular exercise improves the skin. During exercise, the heart beats faster, pumping blood to every cell, tissue, and organs of the body. As this happens, the cells are rejuvenated, making your skin glow. Also, after work, it is advised that you get a good sleep at night. If you have nothing to do, just sleep and relax the muscles on your face. In no time, you will discover that the thin lines on your face are beginning to give way to young and glowing skin. 

7. Get rid of the synthetics 

We use a lot of makeup just to look good. Before you retire to sleep, always ensure that you wash off all the makeup to avoid having a wrinkled face. Sleeping with your natural skin allows it the opportunity to breathe more effectively and equally keeps the pores of your skin clean. 


So you see, you don’t have to go under the knife, if you don’t want to, to get rid of the lines and wrinkles on your face. All you have to do is adopt the tips that have been shared here and you will see a great improvement in your looks, even have your whole skin glow.

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