How to Satisfy Wanderlust When You’re at Home



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We all love to travel, and every now and again, we all get struck by wanderlust. Although we would surely love to constantly travel the world, there are many factors that can prohibit this from happening. For example, you may have worries and concerns about the safety of traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alternatively, you could be trying to save your money for a brand new car or one of the Calgary homes for sale. Regardless of what’s preventing you from traveling, it can sometimes be hard to resist the urge to get out and explore the world. So what should you do when you feel the urge to travel but simply can’t? Here’s how to satisfy wanderlust when you’re at home. 


Plan Potential Vacations

One of the best ways to satisfy wanderlust when you’re unable to travel is by planning potential vacations that you can take in the future. You may be home now, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to travel down the line. Planning a vacation can take lots of work, so why not get a head start and ensure everything is ready when you can travel again? Preparation could include picking out a variety of potential destinations and organizing a shortlist of places you’d love to visit. You can then take it a step further, researching activities you’d like to do or hotels you’d like to stay at. Although you won’t be able to take the trip right now, planning a potential future vacation may be able to scratch your itch for travel for the time being. 


Learn a New Language

Another fantastic way to satiate your wanderlust is by learning a new language. Learning a new language is a long and complicated process, and it requires lots of commitment. However, learning a language can cause you to feel more connected to a culture, and it can give you a greater appreciation for it. In addition, learning a new language can really come in handy if you ever visit a location where the natives speak that language. If you’re suffering from not being able to travel right now, burying yourself into learning a new language could be a very useful way to kill time. 


Relive Old Memories

Although looking ahead to future vacations can be a great way of satisfying wanderlust, so too can looking back at previous ones you’ve taken. Going back and reliving some of your favorite memories can be a great way to satisfy your need for travel. Go through old photos and videos, allowing you to experience some of your favorite moments from your best trips. You may even want to organize these memories into something like a scrapbook or photobook, allowing you to have a permanent reminder of your favorite memories.  Going through and doing this can be a great way to be thankful for the trips you’ve already taken and memories that you’ve made, even if you might have to wait a little longer to take your next one.


Cook Cultural Dishes

A huge part of traveling to new places is experiencing the local culture, and there’s no bigger part of experiencing culture than trying out cultural dishes. Although you might not be able to physically travel to new destinations, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring those location’s cultures into your home. Cooking cultural dishes is a great way to connect to a location, just like learning the local language is. In addition, it can be great preparation for a trip, allowing you to see what local dishes you like and don’t like before you even take the trip. Finally, just experiencing new dishes and trying new things can be great to mix things up and add some excitement, even if you’re not going to be traveling for some time.

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