How To Save Money On Your Trip To San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that EVERYONE needs to visit at least once in their lifetime! Make sure to list San Francisco on your bucket list of places to travel. Now you want to have FUN, right? Well, no worries we got you, we are going to tell you what to see and how to save money too!

How Do You Save Money In San Francisco?

How To Save Money On Your Trip To San Francisco

Get a CityPASS.It is that simple.  The CityPASS booklet has the must-see attractions in San Francisco for a lower price than the regular price. The booklet will save you over $70 — no need to break the bank to do all the fun attractions.

Here is what you get in the CityPASS: Prepaid Admission Tickets

  • Public Transportation: Muni Cable Car- Unlimited Bus rides for 3
  • California Academy of Science
  • Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise- One hour trip
  • Exploration or SF Muesuem of Modern Art

SO WORTH IT!! 4 Attractions plus transportation for $89 ($69 Kid)

3-Day Cable Car and Muni Bus Passport-UNLIMITED TRANSPORTATION

Cable Car and Muni Bus Passport—Cable Car SFMTA Photo |

You can travel around San Francisco with ease on the Cable Cars. The Muni stops at all the above attractions so you can get to each spot without having to come up with bus fare for each ride- show bus driver the CityPASS booklet and you have three days to use it as much as you want!   That saves you a lot of money.

California Academy Of Science

California Academy of Sciences—Osher Rainforest Dome
Tim Williamson @

You are able to explore all types of nature and the future of life. That means rainforest, penguins, and wildflowers on a 2.5-acre living roof.  Are you ready to visit the only place in the world that offers an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum, and four-story rainforest—all under one living roof. There is a lot look at plus enjoy so this is MUST!

Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure

Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure

Going on a one hour cruise on the San Francisco Bay is another must do attraction. Being able to go under the Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing photo opportunity. How about staying for a few nights and checking out more places, we would love to see you stay at some Boutique hotels in San Francisco, they are simply beautiful and give you more time to explore.

Aquarium Of The Bay

Aquarium of the Bay

Kids love to see all the sea creatures, and there is also an area where they can even touch, too. Located right by Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf. There is a long glass tunnel where you can see fish, sharks, and bat rays swimming above your head. AMAZING!

Exploratorium OR San Francisco Museum of Modern Art — SFMOMA

Exploratorium—Glowing bubble experiment Courtesy of the Exploratorium

Now the Exploratorium is all about Science and Art, fun for the teens. You can touch and play with 650 interactive exhibits. Or the SFMONA is one of the fascinating museums EVER! There are seven floors of amazing modern and contemporary art. Also, there is always something new to experience, and all ages will have a blast.

Other travel destinations that have CityPASS-Mobile tickets, as well as ticket booklets, can be purchased online at Current prices:

  • Atlanta – $76 for adults; $61 for children (3-12)
  • Boston – $59 for adults; $47 for children (3-11)
  • Chicago – $106 for adults; $89 for children (3-11)
  • Dallas – $49 for adults; $33 for children (3-12)
  • Houston – $59 for adults; $49 for children (3-11)
  • New York City – $82-$126 for adults; $62-$104 for children (3-11)
  • Philadelphia – $49-$77 for adults; $37-$57 for children (3-12)
  • San Francisco – $89 for adults; $69 for children (5-11)
  • Seattle – $89 for adults; $69 for children (5-12)
  • Southern California – $367 for adults; $337 for children (3-9)
  • Tampa Bay – $107 for adults; $97 for children (3-9)
  • Toronto – $70.56 for adults; $47.31 for children (4-12)

Plus there are also coupons for shopping at Bloomingdales and Macy's. Couple tickets to save on bicycle rentals. Remember you save over $70 when you get the CityPASS. 

Ready to PLAN YOUR VISIT? Let us know what city you want to visit and use the CityPASS 




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