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When it comes to duck hunting, a hunter must be as guileful as possible. Remember that ducks are always on alert for any possible threats. This is why most hunters use duck decoys. A good number of hunters spend a great deal on duck ornaments for their hunting trips. With this in mind, you should think of starting your own duck hunting ornament business. Here are some tips to help you get started on your business.


  1. Realism is Key

If you want your potential buyers to invest in your duck hunting decoys, you should really focus on making them as realistic as possible. Remember that the main aim for using duck decoys is to lure real ducks out in the open. 


Before you start manufacturing your duck decoys, it is important that you do your research first. Remember that there are many types of ducks out there, and each one of them has a specific look and color.


This amount of research and detail might seem tedious, however, if you want your duck decoys to be the best, you should put in the extra time and effort.


  2. Make Sure Your Decoys Could Float

Aside from being as realistic as possible, it is important that your decoys could float. Remember that your decoys are meant to float on top of the water, and attract ducks. No matter how well-made your decoys are, if they are unable to float, then they are not really worth buying.


When you have your duck decoys molded, it is important that the middle is hollow. This will ensure that the duck decoy will be able to float.


   3. Invest in Molding Technology

If you want to mass-produce duck decoys in record time, it is a good idea to invest in top quality molding technology. Remember that if you want to mass produce your duck decoys,you should utilize molding technology. It will allow you to create a multitude of duck decoys in a minimal amount of time.


If you are thinking of using molding technology for your duck decoys, it is a good idea to use dual injection molding. This type of molding is extremely efficient, and not only grants your production process a great deal of speed, but detail as well.


If you want to invest in the best dual injection molding in the business, you should try out RYD. It is a well-respected dual molding company that could give you the best molding services, at very affordable prices. Therefore, you are able to mass-produce duck decoys in a short time and at a competitive price.

   4. Invest In An Automated Production Line

Apart from investing in molding technology, it is a good idea to invest in an automated production line. This will allow you to utilize your molds as quickly as possible. It will also allow you to package them in the most efficient way possible.


If you want to make your automated lines as efficient as possible, you should invest in robot arms. By utilizing robot arms, you won’t have to hire too many human workers. Instead, the robot arms will do a majority of the work for you. They will also cut out the need to hire human workers.


   5. Add Special Features

If you want your decoys to be even more attractive to your target market, it is always a good idea to add special features to your products. These could range in a myriad of ways. You could paint your decoys in various colors and forms. Remember that there are many types of ducks. If you want to be able to attract potential buyers, you should make sure your products stand out from the rest of the competition.


One great feature that you could add to your duck decoys, is to install a small device that makes realistic duck mating calls. This will help attract male ducks to the decoy, and give hunters a better chance to shoot any approaching ducks.

   6. Know Your Target Market

If you want to market your product effectively, it is important that you know your target market. A duck hunting decoy is meant as a hunting implement. This means your target market should be hunters and outdoorsmen. Aside from the more obvious demographic, you could also focus your marketing on wildlife researchers, cameramen, and even filmmakers. 


By knowing your target market, you will be able to fully focus all of your resources on this specific demographic. It will ultimately allow you to sell your products easily.

  7. Expand On Your Branding

Aside from producing top quality products, it is important that you invest in your branding as well. Remember that your products might be of the best quality, however, if branding is subpar, then your product will struggle to make an impact with potential markets.


One way you could expand your branding,is to set up an attractive and informative website for your products. Make it a priority to post images of all your products, and include highly detailed blurbs about the product. It is also a good idea to make your website as easy to navigate as possible. Nothing annoys a potential buyer than having to navigate through various pages just to find a product.

It is also a good idea to invest in good quality packaging. There are many types of packaging that you could use to market your duck decoys. You could utilize flexible plastic containers. You could also use cardboard gift boxes. You could use practically any type of packaging. What’s important is that you make it as attractive as possible.


If you are going to start your very own duck hunting decoy business, it is important that you know where to start. With these tips, you’ll be able to start your duck hunting ornament business as soon as possible.


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