It is undeniable that we are currently living in a world driven by social media. Social media plays a part in just about every part of our lives. From the way that we connect with one another to how we pursue relationships or job opportunities. Social media outlets like Facebook have obviously become a key player in the business and marketing world. If you want your promotion products or services to reach the hands of your target customers, you need to know how to work with Facebook in order to make it happen. Today, our goal will be to introduce you to a list of tips that will help you get prime your Facebook page with simple marketing techniques.

Marketing on Facebook – Simple Tips and Techniques

We are living in a world of branding, connectivity, and constant digital interaction. No longer is it possible for businesses merely to exist in order to get customers coming for their product. Marketing on social media has become the skin and bones of what most businesses rely on in order for their business to work. Having a functional Facebook marketing page is essential for any hope of prolonged success. You can easily see how companies are embracing Facebook in order to succeed. Emulating a successful company is simple, but you might not have the same kind of success. Rather than focusing on simple emulation, focus instead on these core marketing ideas.


1) Perfect Your Profile – The face you show to the world is the one that your customers will see. In order to project the best version of yourself forward, consider perfecting your Facebook profile before releasing it to the public. You'll want a great profile picture that encapsulates your brand, a cover image that is fashionable and informative, and you'll want all of your key data fields filled in. Once your Facebook page has been fully decked out with professional images and quality information, you are ready to go live.


2) Interactive Content is King – If you want to really get your content out into the world, you are going to want to make sure that you are interacting with your audience. Interactive content helps you to build your brand while boosting your impressions. The more your audience interacts with you, the further your content will travel. Consider content that asks questions, demands opinions, or even compels people to ‘share', such as a giveaway. The more interactions your content gets, the better off you are.


3) Test Your Advertisements – If you decide to sponsor a post on Facebook in order to get a boosted outreach, make sure that you test your advertisement beforehand. Facebook allows you to preview your ads before they go live, so really embrace that feature. Additionally, you'll want to work hard to whittle down the perfect demographics and hashtags that your advertisement will be shipped to. Consider testing a few advertisements in the preview window before purchasing a boosted listing.


4) Stick to Compelling Content – Facebook makes it easier than ever to gloss over content. Thanks to constant updates being launched from countless brands on the platform, your content is always in danger of being passed over. For that reason, you need to make sure that each and every post is a special occasion. Stick to compelling content rather than routine drudgery. By doing this, you'll make sure that each post hits the mark without exhausting your audience by overexposure. You also don't want to go too long in between posts, so there is a fine line to pay attention to.


5) Quality > Quantity – Speaking of time between posts, you are going to want to prioritize quality posts rather than a high quantity of posts. Quality content will last longer and serve you better than spamming lower quality content. If you have to choose between making a bad post or waiting an extra day for something better, opt to wait. If you notice that your interactions are diminishing as your post count rises, you are likely failing on one end of this spectrum or the other.


6) Claim a Vanity URL – If you really want to succeed while marketing your Facebook page, you are going to need a great vanity URL. A vanity URL is a name that goes at the end of the Facebook address. Much like a conventional domain name, your vanity URL must embody your brand while remaining easy to remember. Workshop different vanity URL's before making a decision. Remember, once you brand your page, you are going to have to build on that URL. Changing your vanity URL with any level of frequency is bad for business. Take some time on this step of your marketing routine and make sure to get second opinions if you feel like you might need them.


7) Get the ‘Very Responsive' Badge – Facebook tracks pretty much every action that you take as a business page. When you receive a Facebook message, it is logged in your page statistics. The longer it takes for you to reply to the message, the worse your ‘response time' will be. If you quickly reply to any and all messages, you'll earn yourself a ‘Very Responsive' badge. This badge shows that you care about your customers and that you are willing to reach back out to them when they contact you. Best of all, your response percentage will stay high which will keep you in the eyes and minds of your customers.


Marketing with Facebook has become one of the core aspects of running a modern business. While Facebook is no longer a brand-new content platform, it is still important to embrace everything that the website has to offer. We touched upon some simple marketing techniques for your Facebook page, but our suggestions are far from comprehensive. Everybody will have a different experience with Facebook marketing. Keep your chin up, your content high-quality, and your customers happy. With any luck and a lot of hard work, your efforts should pay off!

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