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How to Spring Clean Your Home’s Exterior




As the world wakes up from wintertime hibernation, it’s time to refresh both yourself and your home! Spring cleaning is a good place to start, and that includes your home’s exterior. To keep it strong, stable, and looking splendid so it can support you through the spring and summer seasons, follow these six steps to revitalize your residence:

  • Stroll and Scroll


You may already have the desire to take a stroll once the temperatures start rising—so put it to good use by walking around your property and taking note of anything that could use cleaning or renovating.


Take a look at your gutters, landscaping, siding, windows, and deck, and jot down anything that needs attention—Then, get to work! When you’re enjoying the fresh spring air while you ‘spring clean’, it’s likely not even feel like work at all!


While you’re at it, pick up any dead branches along the way—you might just find the perfect hiking stick for summer, and the rest you can dispose of easily by renting a dumpster and letting a good waste management company do the rest!

  • Gut Your Gutters


Gutters can get extra gunked up during the wintertime—storms can blow in debris, fall leaves can get cemented in by snow, and sometimes the strangest things can be found up there—like your child’s missing teddy bear! 


Either way, it’s best to clean them out and get them flowing so you are ready for those spring showers. Gutter cleaning should be done twice per year, once in the fall and again in the early spring—Don’t forget!


If you’ve put it off for a couple of years, this is a great way to put that dumpster you rented to use. Even keep it available for the vestiges of spring festivities! A waste management company will ensure everything goes to the right place—so you won’t gunk anything else up!

  • Prune Your Plants


Your trees may have become a little overgrown over the course of the year, which can really get in the way of your yard enjoyment. Trim up the edges of your hedges so they can bloom more beautifully and enhance your fun, not obstruct it. Again, that dumpster is a necessity!


While you’re admiring your blossoms, take a closer look to see what branches may not have made it through the harsh winter. Removing them is crucial to the vitality of your plants, and the health of your plants is crucial to the liveliness of your home!


Your lawn is the centerpiece of your lovely landscaping, and pests that infiltrate your grass can be detrimental to your other plants. Find out which treatments will help your type of turf thrive this season. Keep in mind that timing is important, so either stay on top of them or hire a professional to do so for you!


  • Spray Your Siding


Chances are, spring will have you feeling as renewed as your natural surroundings! If this happens to renew your desire to have the prettiest home on the block, too, your siding should be one of the first things you attend to.


If a good cleaning is all your exterior needs, look up the best methods of cleaning the materials yours is made of—and get spraying. Chances are, a little water and soap should do the trick! As long as you clean it regularly, your siding’s maintenance should be relatively easy every spring.


If your facade could use a functional facelift, an exterior remodeling company can point you towards the options that will get you where you want to be—on top! This includes suiting your desired aesthetic and your home’s unique needs.

  • Wash Your Windows


You won’t be able to fully enjoy the beauty of spring if your windows are full of grime and watermarks. The cleanliness of the outside of your windows is just as important as the inside—To let the spirit of spring season into your home, clean ‘em up!


If some windows are hard to reach, grab a pressure washer or mop to make the whole process easier. If anyone stands in the way of you enjoying the spring air while you do, you can always soak them too!


To get rid of those stubborn stains from the snow, add some vinegar into the mix. Be sure you don’t direct this one at your neighbors, though, as a neighborhood rivalry could put a damper on your season. Unless, of course, that rivalry is about who has the best windows—in which case, you’ll surely win!

  • Deck Out Your Deck


While you already have your pressure washer out, spray down your deck! If it still doesn’t meet your springtime dreams, think about renovations or additional features that could spruce up your season.


A patio cover or pergola can give you the shade you need as spring turns into summer, and a water feature can keep you zen when your kids or fur babies drive you crazy! You could even put in an outdoor kitchen so you never have to go back inside to face them.


Bring your inevitable backyard barbecues to life by lighting them up! The right fixture in your yard can make everyone want to overstay their welcome, so tread carefully into the world of outdoor lighting—especially if you decide to add some fire into the mix with a ferocious fire pit!

Your home’s exterior says a lot about you, and it affects the way you and your family feel! To start your spring off right and get excited about your upcoming summer, attend to the items that will allow you to make the most of them. Your home is where your heart is, so keep it sturdy and sharp so it can foster love and good times!

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