How to Stay Active at Home: 3 Tips

How to Stay Active at Home: 3 Tips

Many people are currently affected by shelter-in-place orders and stuck at home for at least the next few weeks. When you’re stuck inside, it’s important to stay active–but staying active at home can be harder than it sounds. A few social media trends are going around, challenging people to do push-ups or jumping jacks. Some personal trainers and workout class instructors are also making efforts to host online classes. These trends are great ways to supplement your daily exercise, but creating a daily fitness is the most important thing. Without your usual errands and such to complete, you may be spending more time than normal sitting down. Check out this guide on how to stay active at home.

Go for a run

Go for a run, a jog, or a walk every day to soak in some fresh air—if your community and personal health allows. If you’re experiencing symptoms of illness, you should self-isolate alone in your home. If you’re not experiencing symptoms, you have been practicing social distancing, and your community allows you to go outside for walks, take advantage of the spring weather. Going for a run outside can be a fun way to get moving, alleviate some stress, and feel a bit less stir-crazy. If you’re not usually a runner, you may have a hard time getting started—wearing compression socks while running is a great way to support your muscles and alleviate the stress they feel during a run.

Try out some at-home exercises

Switching up your daily routine as you would at a gym or workout facility can break up some increasingly monotonous days. Do planks one day and try out sit-ups and push-ups the next. You can even create a plan for yourself to choose what parts of your body you want to focus on. For example, you can try out wall sits for core strength and squats for lower body strength. There’s truly no end to the at-home strengthening exercises you can do every day. Be sure to run any exercise past your doctor if you’re concerned about it or have any underlying health issues.

Get up and move around

It’s easy to stay in the same place all day, especially if you’re working from home and aren’t quite used to the rhythm of it yet. Getting up and moving around multiple times throughout the day can help you make up for the minor movements you used to do every day at the office. When you get up to use the bathroom, try taking an extra two laps around your home before sitting back down. When you get up for a snack, get yourself a glass of water and do a few jumping jacks before settling into your position again.

There are plenty of opportunities to get up and moving when you’re stuck at home. Don’t let social distancing and the closure of all nonessential services and businesses cause you to fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

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