There are so many things that could potentially count as a hazard in your home. But how can you track them all? As much as you’d do anything for your family's’ safety, it not always easy to spot these issues. Sometimes, it’s a simple as something blocking the doorway. Other times, it’s something that could result in much worse circumstances if not taken care of. Don’t worry, though, it’s all about being careful and making sensible decisions. Let’s go through a few ways to stay safe at home.


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Firstly, you need everything to be in place in case of fire. There are all sorts of ways that a fire could potentially start in your home if things got out of hand. Faulty electricals, cooking or even simple bad safety practice sparking them off is entirely possible. So, you need to take measures to ensure that if it did happen, you’d be able to get out quickly and safely. Make sure that fire alarm is in good working order. By that, I mean get it regularly tested if you can. You need to ensure the batteries are changed on a regular basis, too. Anything that might be preventing you from getting out of the house quickly should be removed. That means clearing those kids toys that are blocking the doorway, items left on the stairs, or anything else you can think of. Don’t neglect your family's’ safety when it comes to a situation like this.


There’s also measures you can take to ensure that some of these instances don’t occur. A lot of the time, it just involves making sensible decisions. That microwave that has started to make a funny sound? Get it checked out, and stop using it. Cramming your electrical sockets with plugs is also a dangerous hazard. This isn’t just bad practice; it’s potentially life-threatening. If you have to do this, get a surge-protecting device. You’ll find some at the supermarket or DIY stores, but they only provide basic protection. Instead, look at installing something like the SurgeBreaker from KMA Electric, Heating, & Cooling. This will provide you with protection from all types of electrical surges; big or small.


Then, there are the obvious ones. Whatever you do, keep your electrical appliances away from water! Don’t bring electrical gadgets into the bathroom while you have a shower, it’s not worth it! Keep all curtains and bits of paper away from any cooking preparations in the kitchen. Don’t spill harmful products that you might have, and definitely, keep them out the reach of children. You shouldn’t leave anything lying around that’s potentially dangerous, including kitchen knives.  

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Finally, there’s always the threat of burglary. So, when you go to bed at night, keep a phone beside you in the case of emergency. Make sure your anti-theft systems are working and up to date. That’s something you need to do every day. The one night where things are faulty could be the night where you need them the most. Above all, stay alert, be sensible, and you’ll be just fine.

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