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Adopting defensive techniques of driving keeps you safe while driving, and also save you money. Many auto insurance companies give you special discounts if you maintain an accident-free record of driving, or take a professional course of defensive driving. If you also want to become a defensive driver, here are your choices:

· A defensive driver stays focused on the wheel, and concentrated on road. They do not get involved in other activities while driving, such as eating, texting, talking on phone, applying makeup, holding a pet, tending to kids etc.

· He always keeps his eyes moving, looking into the mirrors, scanning through the road, checking out for possible hazards, and slowing traffic so that they problems can be anticipated beforehand, and thus avoided.

· He makes himself more visible on the road by turning on signals, headlights and brake lights, and avoiding any blind spots. Most of the accidents take place that the other driver could not see the coming car. So, make yourself noticed so that you do not get hit by a car because the driver could not see you.

This article was written for Ginn Chrysler,Jeep, Dodge you read the full review here.

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