How to Store Your Kid’s Army Costume for the Next Party?



After a great party, children tend to scatter their costumes around the house and an army costume as unique as it appears isn’t an exception. You may see some of the costumes laying on the couch, playground, kitchen, and even on the bed. Most parents feel overwhelmed by this disorganization and feel confused over how to store these costumes for future use.  


Storing your kids’ army costumes involves a number of activities which include sorting, organizing, washing, and putting them away in a container that will protect them from dust and ant infestation. Storing these items may seem like a difficult task but identifying and storing the costumes one after the other will help you to take care of the mess created during the party. 

If you are looking for a way to make your children look unique, dressing them in an army costume is an option you should consider. Regardless of their age and size, there are recommended sites where you can purchase a range of army costumes for kids. You can visit: to learn more about them.


When you get these costumes, you may need tips on how to store them and we have outlined some steps to help you with the process. 

Steps on How to Store your Kid’s Army Costumes for the Next Party

The following are some steps to help you store your kids’ army costume: 


Wash and Dry the Used Costumes  

After a party, the first storage step is to wash and dry all the costumes used by the children. You have to wash them thoroughly with enough water and detergents to get rid of all the dirt and germs. Washing the costumes will keep them neat any time you bring them out from the storage box.  After washing, rinse, dry and place them in a dry place. 


Ensure that the costumes get properly dry before taking them inside. The essence of this is to eliminate every moisture before storage. Moisture poses a lot of danger to the costumes when you store them as it is capable of making items develop mildew or mold. Washing children’s outfit involves some precautionary measures and parents are advised to be careful with this procedure. You can check here for tips on how to wash children’s clothes.


Sort them by Size before Arranging Them  

When the outfits are dry, gather them in one spot and separate them into piles. Arrange them based on their types so that the camouflage long pullover, jackets, shirts, bulletproof vest, and boots will match. The piles can also be arranged based on your children's names so that you will not be confused when you want to place them inside the boxes.  


Remove Worn-out Ones  

When you are arranging the outfits, take your time and examine them so that you will pick out the damaged or worn-out items from the piles. Separate the good ones and prepare them for storage while you keep the damaged ones where you can easily dispose of them. You can also give out the unwanted ones to charity organizations so that you will have more space where you can store the items that your children are still using.


Fold the Clothing Materials in the Costume 

Doing this helps you to create more space in the storage unit. When you have arranged the clothing materials, you can then start to fold them neatly. After folding them, start stacking the folded clothes so that they will not occupy more space. Make sure that you stack similar costumes together. 


Use Storage Boxes that can Fit the Storage Space 

The first thing you have to do is to select the place where you want to store the outfits. Doing this will help you to pick the right boxes that will fit into your chosen storage space. Also, make sure that these boxes come with sealable lids so that you can keep out dust while they are in the storage space. For example, when you want to place the boxes under your bed, you have to buy sealable boxes that are short but you can buy long boxes if the storage place is a closet. 


Also, if you want to store the outfit for a very long time, make sure that you use vacuum storage bags. Vacuum bags help to keep out dust while occupying little space in the storage room.  

Place the Costumes in the Boxes in Accordance with their Size 

Place the costumes inside the boxes in neat piles in accordance with their sizes. This will help you to identify the outfit when you remove them from the storage space. For example, you can pack them in a sequence of 3-5 years old and 6-8 years old.


Label the Boxes with Paper and Masking Tape  

A good practice is to print or write a description of the contents of the storage container on paper. Attach the paper to the body of the container especially in a position that you can easily see it. This will help you to identify the containers and what is inside them. For example, you can attach the label on the front of the box or at the top of the lid.


Go Ahead and Store

When you are done placing the outfits inside the box, you can go ahead and close the lid. Some lids can accidentally open, so you have to make sure that they are properly sealed. Once you seal the lid, ensure that your storage space is neat before placing the box there. This will ensure that the box remains neat even if you do not go there for a very long time. 


These are some of the storage tips for kids’ army costumes. You can search the internet if you need more tips. Additionally, you may also want to try out other costumes that can make kids look unique



These easy-to-do-steps can be carried out by parents that care about their kids’ army costume. If you follow these tips to store your children’s costumes, you will keep dust out and also protect them from any form of insect attack.

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