What if you virtually had a process for everything in your business and everything was documented and most were automated? You would have a business that you can be assured is running smoothly, which will leave you with more time to expand the business or look for new opportunities. As your business matures, it's going to keep growing in its processes so optimization is very important. Often, knowing where to start when looking to optimize your business is the most difficult thing. This article is a guide to successfully optimizing your business to enable your business to grow.


Integrate your business operations into one fully automated system


Optimizing your business is all about taking your business operations, systems, and processes and improving them to increase efficiency. This will help achieve your business goals and have a business that feels simple, smooth, and streamlined. Enterprise Resource Planning systems, for instance, automate your business which can dramatically transform your operations. Optimizing your business by implementing an ERP system is very beneficial for your team, as it can simplify your workflow, reduce redundancies, predict the changes, and cultivate communication. ERP systems fully integrate all your business processes and operate in real-time so your data is up to the minute accurate.

Optimize Sales

A crucial part of any thriving business is the sales, and if it starts weak or without the appropriate parameters and boundaries, there will be a downstream effect. As your company grows, the sales process becomes more complicated and things may start falling through the cracks. No matter if you're planning to keep a small team or expand your sales team, ask yourself what sales culture you want to establish in the long term. Make sure that your salespeople all buy into that culture and that they are not just out for themselves. Your sales team mustn't cause friction with your operations team by promising customers undeliverable things just to seal a deal. Ultimately, this is only going to lead to problems later on which may result in a dissatisfied customer which will cost you money. 

Optimize Customer Experience

The best way to optimize your customer’s experience is to put yourself in their shoes and see what it is like dealing with your business. Optimizing customer experience is all about making sure they are satisfied at every step of the process. Do you have an existing customer experience plan in place? A customer experience plan can be short or long, depending on the type of services that you offer. It acts as a framework for success. If you don't have a plan in place, here's how to get started. From the initial welcome email that you send to a new client welcoming them to your business family to the final invoice, every step should be planned out to ensure the highest standard of customer experience every time.

Optimize Communication

Communication is key when it comes to working with your clients and customers. The best way to streamline communication is by using a centralized meeting space like a project management tool or a help desk app. When you optimize your communication channels, you're no longer going to get different channels of communication coming in at once and it's going to streamline the communication points.


Optimizing communication could look like sending a follow-up email at the end of every strategy call or providing a client with a status update at the end of the week. Good communication allows you to ask customers for feedback which will be invaluable in maintaining standards. Reach out to your customers for feedback on how your service feels. Ask them about their thoughts and experiences and how can you keep improving them? This evaluates and allows you the opportunity to adjust course, if needed, and helps you achieve customer happiness. Schedule check-in emails that remind them that you're happy to serve them and you are here for them. Send them a feedback survey every quarter and make sure that you follow up. When you go the extra mile in anticipating their needs, they will be more than happy to stick around.

Optimize Your Team

To keep scaling up your business successfully, you'll need to have support around you or you'll end up working crazy hours and lose the joy that you once had in your early stages of business. Make sure that every role in your team is defined so that your team members can work with confidence. Well defined roles will help team members to understand what their expectations are and what their success will look like. Every quarter you should be meeting with your team member to evaluate the performance and discuss how to improve the business together

By optimizing your operations, it will help simplify your workflow, reduce redundancies, predict the changes, and cultivate communication. The online business world is continuing to expand every single day and we continue to face competing with other companies and pursuing to stand out amongst the crowd. By optimizing your business operations. You can enjoy the benefits of improving your customer experience, optimizing communications, and ensuring your team members all work to the highest standards.

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