Whether you are in the first year of college or your last, you know the party scene is a pervasive part of college life. If you decide to participate in the festivities, it is best to make some plans that can keep you and your friends safe. Here are a few thoughts on how you can take advantage of the college party scene and still stay safe.

Have a Designated Friend

If you live on campus, you won’t require a designated driver, but you will still need a designated friend. You and your friends can rotate the job each time you go out, so make sure you trust all your friends to stay sober during his or her turn. If something does happen and your designate friend becomes intoxicated, call a cab, or find someone to walk home with you as a group. Never walk home alone – even if you are upset.

Know What Is Going Around

Face it, most modern parties have something being passed around. Whether it is a joint or Ruthless e juice, you should know the contents before you join the scene. The same is true for what you are given to drink. If you don’t see someone open the bottle, you can never be quite sure what combination of liquids and chemicals you are drinking. Be safe and know what it is before you drink it.

Wear Your Possessions

Wallets, keys, and other possessions are easily stolen when people are crammed into a tight space and constantly knocking against one another. To prevent theft, keep necessary items in a cross-body purse or zippered waist bag. A clutch may be cute, but they are too easy to lose when you want a drink, or you find a partner to dance with.

Protect Your Drink

There are two things you need to be aware of regarding anything you drink at a part. You should know what is in your drink and protect your drink after you have it in your hand. Party tricksters love to slip chemicals into unattended drinks and watch the outcome, so never leave your drink unattended. Also, get your own drinks, don’t drink anything that tastes off, and stick to the drinks you open for yourself.

When it comes to the party culture at your college or university, use your common sense. If your gut tells you something is off, trust it, and stay safe.

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