No one likes themselves or their loved ones to suffer, especially when it comes to critical illness. But it comes a time when such circumstances are unavoidable, and you find yourself having someone you love being critically ill. If you are in such a situation, you need to love and take care of them more than ever before to make them feel cherished. 


In this article, we will highlight some of the ways you can take care of them:

1. Understand their diagnosis and help them deal with it

When someone is suffering, and the condition worsens, they are usually worried about their future and the outcome of the disease. Always be with them at this moment. If possible, accompany them to the medical centers and be with them even when admitted. Listen to them carefully, try as much to hear their suggestions, and clarify to them issues they don't understand. Take notes from the different doctors in attendance and explain them to your loved ones in soothing, encouraging words. If possible, assure them they will get through the sickness, even if the situation is unredeemable.

2. Understand their medical needs

A critically ill patient always has special care, which needs to get followed strictly to save their lives and reduce the pain. Always try as much to understand the type of medicines they are taking and also the care they deserve. Give them the desired resting period and, if admitted, make a point of visiting them once in a while to show them care. Ensure they have everything they require as prescribed by the doctors and deliver every possible thing as requested.

3. Accept limitations

When someone is sick, they deserve extra care and other needs that might not be within your reach. Accept what you can do and also know your limits on the things you cannot do. For example, if they require specific types of foods and they aren't within your limits, accept without shying off that you can't provide. If possible, get them an insurance cover that can cover their critical illness. With these, they can benefit from the medical attention they would prefer and items that might not be within your reach. If your efforts aren't enough, accept the part you have taken and always be there to assure them everything will be okay. 

4. Assist them in doing the things they love

Your loved one will appreciate it if you guide them on the things they love, even if they require modifications. If you have someone who loves going to the movies, you can organize a screen in their room to select their best films. Ensure, even though they are suffering, they are enjoying the little happiness. You can cook their best meals, invite their best friends and much more. With these activities, you will be restoring their hopes, making them feel loved. 


Other necessary ideas you can consider include; delegating duties when you are not around, staying positive, and seeking external support from friends and relatives. At this moment, these people require extra care and support. This article has provided a few tips which you can use. There are many more outside there you can put into consideration. 

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