How to Take Care of Your Fountain Pens

Gone are the days when you used to reserve fountain pens for special occasions. And why not when it improves your writing experience. Undoubtedly, a fountain pen is an upgrade from a normal pen. Their ease of use and comfort are making them popular even today. 


But if it's your first time using a fountain pen, you need to take care of your fountain pen so that the ink flows smoothly. In this article, we've rounded up a few tips and tricks when using a fountain pen. 


So, let's get started!


Holding your pen perfectly


If you are writing using a fountain pen, you must hold it properly for a good writing experience. Remember, the nib of the pen has malleable properties. Thus, it contours as per your writing style with continuous use. Hence, you must never share your pen with anyone. Also, try to apply minimal pressure to avoid any damage.


Changing The Ink 


Ideally, there are two types of refilling systems available in the market: A cartridge refilling system and a bottled ink system. In the former, all you have to do is replace the cartridge when the ink runs out. The latter will require a bottled ink for refilling. 


Cleaning and flushing your pen


Honestly, if you are not using a fountain pen continuously, it will eventually dry out. So, experts recommend cleaning your fountain pen approximately four times a year. You can increase the frequency of cleaning if you think you won't be using it for more extended periods. 


So, this is how you need to flush out the ink. 


  • Remove the cartridge and rinse the area around the nib of the pen under warm water. 
  • Once there is no ink left during rinsing, place its nib in the warm water for at least 2 hours. By doing so will help you to get rid of leftover ink particles. 
  • Now get rid of the excess water by shaking and clean the nib using a cloth. But make sure it's lint-free. You can also wrap it with kitchen paper overnight to absorb the remaining water.


Now your pen is ready for further use. But what if you encounter a problem? That's where a professional Nibmeister comes into the picture. They will examine the nibs carefully and free them from any misalignment or scratchy tipping points or any flaws that might be causing a hindered writing experience.


Storing your pen properly 


This goes without saying that you won't be using your fountain pen all the time. So, when not in use, make sure the nib of your fountain pen remains upright. This will prevent the ink from draining back into the converter or cartridge. 


Further, it is a good practice to keep your pen in a case or a pouch to maintain its shiny finish. Experts suggest removing or inserting the cartridge or the converter before you begin your journey. 


Final Words


In this age when technology is growing, it might seem counterintuitive to use a pen and paper. But there is evidence that shows that handwritten notes have a distinct advantage over typed documents. 


Therefore, having a fountain pen by your side ensures that you have a positive writing experience. But you must take help from professionals to tune the pen as per your needs and preferences. This will ensure that you invest in a quality fountain pen. 


So, are you taking care of your fountain pen properly? If not, use the guide above and have a great writing session.




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