How to Take Care of Your Mental Health Amid COVID- 19- An Explanation by William D King

When faced with a terrible experience, everyone reacts differently. COVID-19 can make you feel restless, exasperated and helpless, and all of these feelings are quite natural. No matter just how the pandemic is impacting you, keep in mind that you have the right to express yourself.


Some people are unable to sleep due to their anxiousness, while others are unable to get adequate sleep. Some people consume more calories than others. A number of people report that their pre-existing mental disorders are becoming worse. A few people become aware that their Friday night couple of glasses of wine has grown into an almost nightly occurrence.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the number of people suffering from mental illnesses has increased dramatically. In fact, according to research published in June, significant problems like depression & anxiety have almost doubled in prevalence across the country when compared to rates prior to the pandemic.


Here are some tips from William D King to tackle the situation-


Please feel free to express your emotions


As a result of the probable increase in patient demand, the danger of infection, and equipment constraints, among many other stressors, you and your colleagues are going to be under a huge amount of pressure. In no way do stressful situations, and the sensations that go along with it indicate that you are weak or that you lack the necessary skills to perform your job duties effectively.


Try to stay away from the news for a while


At some time, it may become more distressing than informative. Make certain that the information you do obtain comes from trustworthy and non-sensationalist sources before acting on it. And determine how much reading is beneficial for you to do in a day, and make a commitment to staying inside that amount. Hearing about the issue and seeing photographs of it over and over again can be unpleasant.


Try to engage in some other things that you find enjoyable in order to restore as much normalcy as possible to your life. Take some time to unwind & remind yourself that all these intense emotions will eventually pass.


Adopt what is known as an ‘anti-depression diet


The current economic crisis is sure to increase anxiety levels, and a good body is better prepared to handle stress. William D King says that to maintain good mental health, typical Mediterranean food, more often than not referred to as the “anti-depression diet,” is high in whole grains, vegetables, seeds, as well as olive oil. Whole grains, vegetables especially green leafy vegetables, nut, berries, fruit, seeds, as well as olive oil are all recommended.


Don't allow yourself to become disconnected


Contrary to popular belief, it is quite simple to fall into the trap of isolating oneself even further when you are experiencing feelings of loneliness. It's a never-ending circle. Making contact with friends and family becomes more and more of a chore, and it is easy to fall into a state of despair when this occurs.


Do you want to work from home? Inquire with your coworkers about how they're doing and what strategies they've come up with to deal with the negative consequences of isolation on mental health. Depending on the culture of your workplace, it's possible that your coworkers would be interested in a virtual happy hour on a Friday night. If your organization is more traditional, you may all get together for a virtual lunch and speak about the dishes you prepared together.


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