Taking a photo is a way to preserve a moment, and it is important to know some basic tips and tricks on how to capture the perfect moment. People nowadays have a camera-equipped smartphone, enabling them to take photos in an instant. Social media websites are also holding their Photo Contest to determine which person could capture the best moments. The following tips and tricks should also be followed to get the best results.

The first thing that you need to do when trying to capture a perfect moment would be looking straight into the eye of the model. To enhance the emotion set in each photograph, make sure that you will be going down to the subject's eye level. It would make the photo look more alive, and it will turn it into a magical piece of memory that could make a connection with the audience. Remember that the subject's eyes should be the main focus on the photo, so do your best to match their height. Another thing to be considered when capturing the best moments would be the background included in the photo. As much as possible, use a plain background that does not show that much detail. To make it easier, invest in cameras that could give you a depth of focus which would automatically blur the background, providing the subject with more focus.

When you are staying outdoors, try to use flash to get the best result. The same thing could also be done when taking a picture on a sunny day. The sun's rays could result in an against the line photo setting, and activating the flash would resolve the problem. However, most smartphones today automatically detect the amount of light, and the setting would either allow taking a photo with flash or without flash, depending on the environment gathered by the sensor. You also need to move closer to the subject to capture the moment. Different subjects would require different distances from it, and make sure that if you are trying to capture smaller objects, activate the macro settings.

When taking a photo about a piece of architecture, make sure to include the landscape. The landscape would give a great background to any photos that showcases an architectural landmark. When taking a photo, remember the rule of thirds and try to apply it on the image. It would not always be right to put the subject on the center because sometimes, the background should also compliment the subject, and putting it on the side would produce a great photo. If you are taking a photo of a vertical structure, make sure that it will be captured vertically, and this applies to skyscrapers, waterfalls, and a lot more. Photographers should also lock on their focus, and this is where most photographers fail when they are taking the perfect moment – the resulting image is blurry.

Try to adjust the lens settings, and look at the camera screen if the captured image is no longer blurry. Try to learn about the right distance from the camera to the subject, and see how it would affect your capability to capture photos. Learning about the distance between the camera and the subject would also give you the ability to determine how far the flash from the camera would go. Some photos turn out bad because of the wrong usage of flash, but if you will be able to master its use, you could start seeing an improvement with the lighting on your composition. You can also try using the Free Lightroom Presets to see how it could enhance your photo.

One of the golden rules of photography would be taking a photo during the golden hour. The golden hour is a time of the day wherein the sun rises or sets, and it blasts a strong gold color that would result in beautiful photos. If you want to become a great photographer, you should start working with natural lights and see how these lights would help you achieve the photo result that you have been looking for.

Take the camera and shoot the photo that you wanted using your own style. The final tip would encourage a lot of people to take the photo as they want it to be, and see how it would look on their cameras. Try to apply most of the tips and see how much you would improve your photography skills.

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