Whether you're planning your own engagement party or planning it for a friend, it's certainly an excuse for a celebration. The great thing about engagement parties is they aren't subject to all the fuss that usually comes along with organizing a wedding.

An engagement party can be exactly what the bride and groom-to-be want it to be without any in-laws raising their eyebrows. But, how do you turn it into the amazing event you imagine it to be? 

Here's how to plan an engagement party everyone will love.

Choose a Host

The first decision you'll need to make is who you want to host the party. Traditionally, the bride's parents would take on the role but that rule hasn't been enforced for years. 

If you choose to plan the engagement party yourself, you may not be able to enjoy it as much as if someone else did it. Leaving it in the capable hands of one of your bridesmaids or a sibling can allow you to take a backseat and enjoy the ride.

Create a Guest List

Creating a guest list can be just as stressful as shopping for engagement rings. However, it's good experience for when it comes to creating the guest list for your wedding. You could find that you and your partner disagree on who should attend.

The best way to create your guest list is to use your budget to find out how many people you can cater to. Try and stick to that number by prioritizing the most important people in your life first. If you want to invite old school or college friends that you have lost touch with, you can use a problem free people search online to help you get the contact details you need and reconnect.

Design Your Menu

Whether you're cooking the food yourself or your venue has set options to choose from, it's important to think about the type of food that will complement your party. If you're having a sit-down meal, you can opt for an elegant evening with lots of chat at the dinner table.

If you plan to have all of your guests on the dancefloor, cold finger foods could be a better option. Your guests will be able to pick up foods from a buffet as and when they feel hungry.

Choose the Decor

There are lots of themes and decor to choose from when planning an engagement party. Perhaps the bride has a favorite color you can incorporate or maybe the groom loves basketball.

The important thing is that the party is tailored to the bride and groom so they can see the thought that's gone into the planning. Even if the space you're using is small, some simple touches can make all the difference.

The Full 101 on How to Plan an Engagement Party

Tips on how to plan an engagement party are all well and good but no party will ever go entirely to plan. Remember that having fun and celebrating with family and friends can be done anywhere, at any time. 

Take a look at some party theme ideas that everyone loves! 

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